Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cookie mess.

 This was my sugar cookie biscuit baking experience last night.

I set out the butter. you know so it'd be room temperature. I started getting out all the ingredients. I started measuring the sugar. Problem number 1. I didn't have enough sugar. and it smelled. And side note, it reminded me of something in our kitchen growing up. I am not sure what but it was interesting... I had just bought that sugar a couple weeks ago and transferred it into our canister so I am not sure what happened.

 Anywho, I wasn't panicking yet so I just went onto plan b. I had some splenda in the pantry and decided to use it instead. Which I think is how the next million disasters started.

 So the recipe says to mix the sugar and butter. So far so good. Then it says to put the eggs in one by one. Disaster. For some reason, the eggs wouldn't mix right. It just kinda formed a puddle at the bottom and the dough started getting gross and clumpy. It kinda looked like rotten milk.

I decided to press on since I had already wasted time and ingredients and I figured the batter would get better once I added the dry ingredients.

and it did.

at first.

Then the mixer apparently felt as though it couldn't handle sugar cookie dough. This is me: Ugh stupid kitchen aid mixer. Why do you shake? You are making me angry. Do you know how much research I did on you and now you're shaking? Do you know how much you cost and how much my husband, friends and mom went through to get you for me???  GRRRRR.

I read on.

Chill for one hour. Ugh. are you serious? fine. At this point I wasn't happy with my baking experience anyways so putting them in the fridge was kinda like punishing them to a time out until I was ready to deal with them ;)

I pulled them out after dinner and began to use my new cookie scoop. which broke. awesome. It's going back to target!

I baked them. For as long as they said. and you know what they came out like? Biscuits.They taste like biscuits too. My husband says they're "refreshing since they aren't so sweet." He's such a good liar ;)

I added some homemade, left over cream cheese frosting and some sprinkles and they're bearable but I am still bummed. I was all excited for some beautiful looking, soft sugar cookies.

Oh well, I still love baking. And I got to wear my apron that the hubs got me for my birthday. :)

Happy Baking friends.

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