Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SO What Wednesdays

So What IF:

 I've managed to blog 3 days a week.. just like the "goals" section on my chalkboard says and it just so happens it ends up being on Wed, Thursday & Friday. 
Wednesday's are kinda freebies.. because I write this post every.single.Wednesday..
I have 3 soups on the menu this week. I'm hoping to convince myself that it's not still 90 outside. 
I can't stop wearing my Oh Sweet Joy headband & my She Does Justice headband. I think I'm 9 days in now..  Apparently it's so noticeable my husband and students have began to comment on it. I love them & you should go get yourself some. 
I asked Nathan to give me a what if for today's post and he literally said the above. ^^^ 
told you. 
I am hoping the dishes clean themselves. 
My husband wrote an article (for something I'll be sharing on my blog soon) & I think it's better than most anything I've ever written. 
I asked for a 7-4 schedule on Wednesdays but now I am not so sure I like getting up & ready by then. 
I have to go grocery shopping on my lunch hour because I feel like there is not enough time in the day people !
I found a gray hair but refuse to get my hair colored. I don't want to keep that up..
Happy Wednesday!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Light The Night Walk

This past weekend my family and I participated in the Light the Night Walk with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

It was absolutely incredible to see so many people come out to support and/or remember those with a blood cancer. 
Before Bella was diagnosed with cancer, if I can be honest, I knew nothing about cancer. I barely knew as much as the movies offered and it always scared me because it seemed to end so badly. 

It's been rough with Bella, which isn't even fair for me to say, but it has been for her and my sisters family. A lot of in-patient time. A lot of pokes and prods. A lot of needles, chemo, sickness, & tears.  & A LOT of prayer.

But by the grace of God, Bella is here with us. She is alive and doing amazing right now. Is it still hard for her and my sisters family? Absolutely. It will be for at least another full year. But she is here & to us, that means everything. EVERYTHING. & it's first because of The Lord. It's also because of God working through organizations like the LLS and all the supporters and people who raise funds to find a cure. To see a small part of that last night, feels me with thankfulness. Here are some beautiful Pictures of the night & my sweet nieces.

Mama, Sister & me.

Sweet Bella & Gabbi! Look at all that curly dark hair! 

 Daddy & Gigi.

 Dew Dew having fun!

 This picture makes me laugh.. it's so Gabbi ;)



 Love her so much!

My sister got to speak with Bella! 

& Here's the video of my sister talking & if you wait until the end Bella dances :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

{Sole Hope}- Shoe Cutting Party

I first learned about Sole Hope at the Influence Conference.
Who they are and what they do is summed up here:
"A group of passionate, committed people who are putting closed toed shoes on African children, one pair at a time. It all started with a chance encounter with a YouTube video--a video that broke our hearts, took us WAY out of our comfort zones, and lead us to Uganda."-Sole Hope Website
The work they're doing in Uganda is incredible to say the least. 
& it all started with one person's heart to see something change. 
Friends, these are the things we should live for, come behind and flame.
As soon as I heard about the Shoe Cutting Parties, I knew this was something the students in our youth group would be passionate about.  Before even thinking through details, I happened to WIN one of the kits at the conference. Thus began the planning process.
Which basically consisted of us grabbing some tables, chairs, scissors & sharpies and inviting all our students over to our house. Y'all it's basically that simple to bring help to these children in Uganda. 

Our students LOVED being able to tangibly help the children. They gathered so many jeans that we had two full trash bags left over & we were there for 4 hours! It's something we will definitely do again. I can't encourage you enough.. If you are a part of a small group, church, school group, or if you have some friends, grab a kit from the Sole Hope website, read up & educate yourself on this, and then make some shoes together! 
Check out their website & the widget on my side bar (-------------------->) to see how you can help!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SO WHAT Wednesdays

SO What If:
-I'm a terrible speller & I just realized it the other day. I try to type normal words.. like accidentally and want to know why in the world its putting a red mark under it when I spell it like, accidently... Yeah..
- The ring I'm wearing on my finger in place of my absent wedding band is turning it red. My rings are in the "shop" so I don't want to look single. 
- I have a desk in my office but only sit at it half the time because the couch in my office is much more comfortable. 
-After almost 5 years of marriage, I just bought our very first night stands... today. I often convince myself of the things I don't need when they cost money. Except clothes. I always need clothes.
-Once a month I convince myself I like coffee with creamer & every.single.time. I end up only drinking 2 sips because my husband's coffee tastes like pure death it's so strong.
-It was 90 today and I wore a sweater, leggings, and boots. I refuse to give into this hot weather when it's clearly Fall.
-I haven't used our "budget" since September...To be honest, I'm afraid to go back because I know I have ((probably)) straight up spent all our money.

- I was extra grumpy today and huffed and puffed around the house (very loudly so my husband would hear me) because I couldn't find the car key anywhere. It happens. 
 -I wrote this post and absolutely NO one commented on it. I think I may have embarrassed myself with the disclosure of all the ranch I eat. 
- I've worn my Oh Sweet Joy headband every day since I got it. what?
-I purposely try to insert Y'all in every sentence any chance I get. Let's be honest.. the girls at the Influence conference just sounded so cool saying it.. and I wanted to be cool too until....

-We went to Sonic after youth this week and I simply said "Do y'all have any mustard and mayonnaise?" and the teenager responded (in a very sarcastic tone) "Ya'll? Well Sonic as a corporation does if that's what you mean." Then came back and said "here's your mustard and mayonnaise, Y'ALL have a good night." I just sat their in shock with my mouth open. Apparently it's just not that cool with the young folks.

What are you saying So What to this week?

Friday, November 8, 2013

FIVE Friday {weird} Facts

1// I make up songs to everything. and I mean everything. Sometimes it's a cool song.. sometimes.. not so cool.

2// Whenever I order a Burger at a restaurant, I ask for a side of pickles and ranch. I then proceed to dip them and eat them like I would chips & salsa. Wait.. I eat chips with ranch too.. not salsa..and pretty much on everything.. its actually really gross.. but also so delicious.

3// I have about 105+ nicknames for my dog.. Gizwald, waldo, gizzypie, wald face, buddy wald, the dog dog, etc... I also make up songs to him.. a lot... see above.

4//When I like a new song, I will listen to it on repeat for hours. H O U R S. It just never gets old.. until it gets old.

5// I  paint over my old toe nail polish with the same color because I don't want to change it. Maybe that makes me lazy.. not weird?

Happy, H A P P Y Friday Friends!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

What Grace looks like

With all these  30 Days of being Thankful posts.. I started thinking about my life.
The times I can't see why I should be thankful.
When I'm pouting because I feel alone in my struggle with anxiety.
When I feel like no one hears or really, truly understands.
But since God is so good to me, I don't stay there for long. He quickly shows up and reveals to me just how thankful I should be. 
Let's be honest for a minute.
In High school, and surely beyond, I did what I wanted.
I dated who I pleased.
I drank occasionally & entered the party scene my Senior Year.
I got involved with someone who treated me very poorly but I thought it was "true love."
I bought what I wanted, cared only about myself, and never gave any nice guys a chance.
I made a ton of mistakes and did so many things I regretted.
I was a spoiled brat without fear of confrontation and many opinions.
but by 
I am married to a man who treats me so well I see Jesus in him every day.
I gave up drinking when the Lord revealed to me I was just using it as a crutch & because of Him, 
it wasn't even difficult to do.
I get to be a part of leading students to the Lord.
I actually care about others & always give to the Lord what is His, first and foremost.
& you know what I realized the other day?
Not one of those things I did on my own.
 Because if it had been left up to me, if Jesus wouldn't have grabbed hold of my heart so long ago,
I would be either A. Stuck in a marriage I was completely miserable in.
or B. Divorced and trying to make another relationship work. on my terms, in my way.
I would continue to allow alcohol to be my help  because I wouldn't have the love of the Lord 
strengthening me to give it up.
I'd still care only for myself, doing whatever made me happy. Never wondering
if my actions effected others. Never caring really.
& sometimes, I feel broken for those who are still there. 
Who haven't allowed the Lord into their lives & are still right where I was 10 years ago.
but in my heart, I rejoice. Because God did that for me.
I didn't do anything to deserve the life I have right now. 
I am not qualified to be in Youth Ministry. 
I am not qualified to be leading young woman.
I am not qualified to be a good wife, to love my husband. 
I am not qualified to care for others or to give of my time & money.
Hear me when I say, 
I deserve nothing. 
I am nothing...
Without Him.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SO What Wednesdays

 This week I am saying SO What IF:  
 I can't decide on a color scheme for my office. I like white. (and pink and teal and mint and gold!!) 
I've been to Marshall's TJMaxx and the Home goods store each 2 (or 3) times in the past week hoping to find something, anything, to spend a gift card on. Still no luck friends. Maybe I am being fickle? See above.
I failed to read the WHOLE Sole Hope packet (and just took what I knew from the Influence Conference about it) before inviting our youth out to a shoe cutting party.. Looks like we will be missing the milk carton support pieces BUT we will just have another party! Yay for parties!
Others have been commenting on my Starbucks addiction. Listen, this is nothing new friends... Serious problem? Yes. New problem? No ;)
I haven't done a 'So What Wednesday' post in.. I can't even remember how long.. it just makes this one so much better. 
My work computer broke so the screen is being held up by tape..
  I think it's perfectly acceptable to watch movies every night instead of getting anything done around the house. It's a mess but it is stressing me out.. so I avert my eyes.
I get a little anxious every time I go through my clothes to decide which ones to get rid of. I still did it! 10 shirts down... (100 million to go...)

I look out our bedroom window in longing of swimming in the pool. We moved in right after it was still warm enough to swim.. one day, one day. 

I scheduled a post for Thursday AND wrote this one and then did a happy dance & song (in my head) because this NEVER happens. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

What IF.

The thing about anxiety is the "what if's" in life become real. They paralyze you with fear and there is no difference between logic and make believe when you're busy believing a lie.
I've been thinking a lot about this lately. All the what if's that I've believed for so long, for far too long. & here's my argument against them because I belong to Jesus & because His Word is truth. He called me by name and He promised to keep me and direct me in the way I should go.

What if we forgot all the scary things in our lives and just trusted God.

What if instead of wondering if you're a good mom or wife, you just believed you were because God made you to be.

What if we didn't worry about our house being a mess when our friends were on their way over but instead we were thankful we had friends and a house.

What if we weren't afraid of what people thought of us and only cared what The Lord thinks of us.

What if we weren't afraid of being left alone, abandoned by our loved ones, but instead realized that we are never alone and The Lord is always with us.

What if we stopped being afraid of what others might say if we wrote a blog post that was controversial but instead only made sure it was glorifying God.

What if instead of doubting whether we can really trust God, because this fear really seems real this time, we trusted that He is God and He is trustworthy. All of the time and in ever single situation. Period.

What if every fear was replaced with truth. What if every time a lie popped into your head you were ready with two truths.

What if we actually stopped believing the ultimate liar and starting believing the Ultimate truth teller.

What if we listened to our husbands, counselors, and close friends when they say, it's OK, you're OK and no, in fact, there is nothing wrong with you.

What if all day long we speak truth over ourselves and others & all day long we learn to believe it.

What if the habit we've formed to trust others more than the Lord was replaced with a deep sense of knowing and believing we can rely on Him for anything more than we ever could on anyone else. 

What if we pursued our dreams and didn't let anything stop us because we knew the dreams were placed there by God & that He would see them through.

What if we didn't worry about being smart enough, pretty enough, cool enough, rich enough, good enough, but instead we were OK with just being us. Fearfully and wonderfully made in His image.

What if instead of speaking hurtful words to or about others, we looked at them how Jesus looks at us. With love and mercy and so much grace we're drowning in it.

What if today was the day that we decided to not give life to the lies anymore. But instead we would feed the truth, speaking it into all situations & into every part of our day. Even when we aren't afraid. Even when everything seems fine. 
What if I told you that one day all of these wonderful 'What If's' will be reality.
One day, we will only believe truth. Lies will long be forgotten. We will have no fears. 
Words like anxiety or depression will be unknown. 
One day, Tears won't fall & stomachs won't turn in angst. 
Instead, one day, we will be filled with peace and joy abounding. 
We will never feel unloved but feel the deepest, richest love from Jesus. 
We will be fulfilled and complete in Him.

Until then, fight friends. Speak truth into your heart, into your mind ever single second of every single day. God is for us, He loves us, He has equipped us with everything we need & He fights for US.  

What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death' or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away Revelation 21:4

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Hebrews 4:12

I would love to hear your "good" what if's friends!

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