Friday, November 15, 2013

Light The Night Walk

This past weekend my family and I participated in the Light the Night Walk with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

It was absolutely incredible to see so many people come out to support and/or remember those with a blood cancer. 
Before Bella was diagnosed with cancer, if I can be honest, I knew nothing about cancer. I barely knew as much as the movies offered and it always scared me because it seemed to end so badly. 

It's been rough with Bella, which isn't even fair for me to say, but it has been for her and my sisters family. A lot of in-patient time. A lot of pokes and prods. A lot of needles, chemo, sickness, & tears.  & A LOT of prayer.

But by the grace of God, Bella is here with us. She is alive and doing amazing right now. Is it still hard for her and my sisters family? Absolutely. It will be for at least another full year. But she is here & to us, that means everything. EVERYTHING. & it's first because of The Lord. It's also because of God working through organizations like the LLS and all the supporters and people who raise funds to find a cure. To see a small part of that last night, feels me with thankfulness. Here are some beautiful Pictures of the night & my sweet nieces.

Mama, Sister & me.

Sweet Bella & Gabbi! Look at all that curly dark hair! 

 Daddy & Gigi.

 Dew Dew having fun!

 This picture makes me laugh.. it's so Gabbi ;)



 Love her so much!

My sister got to speak with Bella! 

& Here's the video of my sister talking & if you wait until the end Bella dances :)

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