Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SO What Wednesdays

So What IF:

 I've managed to blog 3 days a week.. just like the "goals" section on my chalkboard says and it just so happens it ends up being on Wed, Thursday & Friday. 
Wednesday's are kinda freebies.. because I write this post every.single.Wednesday..
I have 3 soups on the menu this week. I'm hoping to convince myself that it's not still 90 outside. 
I can't stop wearing my Oh Sweet Joy headband & my She Does Justice headband. I think I'm 9 days in now..  Apparently it's so noticeable my husband and students have began to comment on it. I love them & you should go get yourself some. 
I asked Nathan to give me a what if for today's post and he literally said the above. ^^^ 
told you. 
I am hoping the dishes clean themselves. 
My husband wrote an article (for something I'll be sharing on my blog soon) & I think it's better than most anything I've ever written. 
I asked for a 7-4 schedule on Wednesdays but now I am not so sure I like getting up & ready by then. 
I have to go grocery shopping on my lunch hour because I feel like there is not enough time in the day people !
I found a gray hair but refuse to get my hair colored. I don't want to keep that up..
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I found some grey hairs back a couple months ago! Yikes!

  2. I have a million gray hairs , and it seems like I got more after Harrison was born.


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