Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SO What Wednesdays

 This week I am saying SO What IF:  
 I can't decide on a color scheme for my office. I like white. (and pink and teal and mint and gold!!) 
I've been to Marshall's TJMaxx and the Home goods store each 2 (or 3) times in the past week hoping to find something, anything, to spend a gift card on. Still no luck friends. Maybe I am being fickle? See above.
I failed to read the WHOLE Sole Hope packet (and just took what I knew from the Influence Conference about it) before inviting our youth out to a shoe cutting party.. Looks like we will be missing the milk carton support pieces BUT we will just have another party! Yay for parties!
Others have been commenting on my Starbucks addiction. Listen, this is nothing new friends... Serious problem? Yes. New problem? No ;)
I haven't done a 'So What Wednesday' post in.. I can't even remember how long.. it just makes this one so much better. 
My work computer broke so the screen is being held up by tape..
  I think it's perfectly acceptable to watch movies every night instead of getting anything done around the house. It's a mess but it is stressing me out.. so I avert my eyes.
I get a little anxious every time I go through my clothes to decide which ones to get rid of. I still did it! 10 shirts down... (100 million to go...)

I look out our bedroom window in longing of swimming in the pool. We moved in right after it was still warm enough to swim.. one day, one day. 

I scheduled a post for Thursday AND wrote this one and then did a happy dance & song (in my head) because this NEVER happens. 

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  1. Love this girl!! And I'm always doing happy dances when I'm a head in blogging ;)


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