Friday, November 16, 2012

Fab Friday!

These Fab things are going on:
-Our church is teaming up with Habitat for Humanity tomorrow and Nathan and I finally get to take part in it! Our church has been a part of this before but we never had the chance to go so we are excited to finally get to help!
-I don't have a ton of thanksgiving decor because I usually just decorate early for Christmas but this year I went looking. I found these cute owls for $2! And the little place card holders for .99c! Score!

-I got to spend the day with my baby niece yesterday. We went to the park, played in the back yard, wore pearl necklaces... She is at such a fun age! Here she is giving Uncle Nee Nee high fives! So darn cute! (side note.. taking a baby to the store is hard work & I have done it a million times, but this time was different! Especially Costco! Confession.. I may have just left my cart sitting in the parking lot instead of putting it away because I wasn't about to leave the baby in the car by herself! And then it rolled into another car.. oops. There were no cars harmed during this process thank goodness. I drove away though.. I know, I am terrible!)
-I love the awesome people I have been meeting while blogging! I made a dear friend when I first started blogging that is also a youth pastor's wife and I am so thankful! I love when I find others who share the same love for the Lord and ministry! Check out her adorable blog!
Newborn Mama
 -I finally got some pumpkin spice creamer. I don't like pumpkin lattes at Starbucks but I like the creamer you can buy in the store! Yum! 

Happy Friday Friends! Be sure to Check out Laura's Blog and her Fab Friday!


  1. I love those place holder and love the i am thankful for cards. Oh and I literally busted out laughing about your confession LOL and I so needed that laugh. Thanks for confessing, don't you feel better now, ha.
    Well have a great weekend, you will really enjoy the Habitat for Humanity. Be Blessed,

    1. haha when I told me sister she also laughed hysterically :) Maybe it was even funnier because it was her baby that I had ha! :) I LOVE thanksgiving and decided to find some decor, so glad I found those gems! :)

  2. Linking up from Laura's blog. Oooh, I love some pumpkin spice creamer! I bought a small stockpile and am keeping it in the freezer to last for several months.

  3. Your Thanksgiving decor is so cute! I love it! :)

    So glad we met this week... Enjoy your weekend love!

    1. Thank you Kenzie!!
      I am glad to :) I am emailing you back right now :) Then I am headed over to see your new post! :)

  4. Super cute Thanksgiving decor.

    Awesome fab things you have.

    Have a great weekend. Visiting from Laura's blog. (Between The Lines)

    1. Thanks Lacy! I had fun picking it out! I love a good deal!

  5. You don't like starbucks pumpkin spice??? Well.. I've never tried the creamer. I will have to give you the recipe to make your own! Thanks for the shout out lovely. God is even in the internet and the world of blogging.. connecting us!


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