Friday, December 14, 2012

Fab Friday

Linking up with Laura again this week for Fab Friday! If you haven't already.. go check out her great blog!

-I finally won my first giveaway this week after entering a bazillion! I was SO excited! Starbucks, cozies, Ad space and meeting some wonderful ladies! Happy me!
-I just got an iced chai & I feel as though that's fabulous. Although I can't understand for the life of me why I can't stop buying those stupid drinks.. Don't tell my husband but I think that's where all our money goes! ;)

-My husband is being all secretive about the gifts he has gotten me.. He has already wrapped them and I am so excited because I love surprises..and gifts..don't judge, I think it's my love language.. which brings me to the next one..

-We are starting a life group in January on the 5 Love Languages. Although we have already read the book, it'll be fun to go through the study.

-I am not done with Christmas shopping.. and that makes me happy because I love giving gifts!
-I am participating in the Cara Box Exchange over at Wifessionals this month and I have already met a really great gal! Her name is Laura and she blogs over Wander Lust. She is incredibly genuine and amazingly crafty! Go say hi!

-I got to see my ornery sweet little nieces yesterday. Bella was doing so good, playing and laughing and jumping all over. Happy & sweet as can be. Gabbi on the other hand.. has already figured out the stare of death and she's only a year and a couple months! Monster! ;)

Have a wonderful Friday friends!!!


  1. WOoo hoo! I made it onto the blog XD
    Can't wait to get working on what I'm doing for you and my other lady today <3 Heading out to Michael's craft store in a minute and I am so excited!

  2. Visiting from the link up. :) I love your stocking! Also... I love little (and big) gifts and surprises too!! Its the thought that really matters though.

    1. Thanks :) One year, my dog.. jumped up on the wall while we were gone and chewed both our stockings.. haha so that's why I have that one!

  3. :) yum. Love iced chai's. Love Chai! So cute about your hubs being secretive about your Christmas presents! We can't keep them a secret! We have both already told each other!! Some of them I really planned out ways to get them all secretively and still told him! We're terrible!

  4. Iced Chais are my favorite drink of ALL time :)

  5. Giirl! Your blog is looking good! I love it!


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