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Teressa, my very best bloggy friend, came up with a brilliant idea for Valentine's day this year. And I mean brilliant. 
She sent me a text a while back explaining her idea and asked if I wanted to join and of course I wanted to!

Her idea is this:
For the 14 days leading up to Valentine's Day, she would do something nice for her hubby. By nice, I mean, go out of her way to do something thoughtful for him in a way that would show she loved him. For 14 days, when the rest of the world is waiting for their men to surprise them with something or cater to them, we'll be making this Valentine's Day "All about the MR."

The reason I LOVE this idea is because, Nathan loathes V-day, friends. He thinks it's a stupid reason to have to buy gifts and girls get all disappointed if their guys don't go all out. I actually agree with him. The reason being, those things should be done on a daily basis for the one we love. Maybe not extravagant gifts or spending lots of money, but we should be willing to love our spouses in every way, all year long. If Nathan wasn't already really good at this, then I'd expect more on Valentine's day.. but he is, and for that I am very grateful.

So, naturally, I jumped at the opportunity. We could show our husbands how much we loved and appreciated them without expecting anything in return. At first, I was like, aw.. what about me.. wahh.. Then I was like, ya I probably need to do this so I'll stop being so selfish. ;)

Our challenge to you lovely ladies is to come along side us to show your husbands(or boyfriends or fiancees) how much you love and appreciate him! I know we aren't giving you much time to prepare but consider the benefit of it before you write it off. Here's how we'll work this out.. Friday the 8th and Friday the 15th, we'll have you lovely ladies link up with a post about what you did for your husband that week. You can include as many pictures as you want, his reaction, whatever! Be sure to grab our handy-dandy new button :)

Get creative girls! No, I don't think you should buy him roses and little teddy bears, but do things for him you KNOW he will like. If you know his "love language" do things that would cater to that. If you know he likes nights at home with you, make time for it. If your husband loves food (because all men do) make him a couple of really awesome meals. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.. and be sure to check out Teressa's blog later today to find out some of her ideas! After all, she IS the master mind behind all of this! All I did was make a silly little button ;)

I have my "real" ideas in a word doc scheduled by date.. but I can't show you any of them because 1. my husband might kill me ;) and 2. He will most certainly read this and ruin everything. 
  Nathan's love language is 'Acts of Service' so I am going to try and do as much of that as possible. 

-Do something on the 1st to kick it off.. a note on the mirror, a note in the car..wherever your hubs will find it.
-Clean the house
-Bake him something yummy
-Give him coupons for various things
-Get smokin' hot ready every morning ;)
-Making lunches/dinners
-Coffee when not expecting it.
-Leave him notes with little gifts..
And on V-day plan something awesome that's sure to rock his world.

 Would love to hear your ideas and have you join us!!


  1. Now, that's a very clever idea!! I love it.

  2. Following from the blog hop. If you get the chance I would love it if you check out the Nifty Thrifty Family.

  3. I forget to say, 'Thanks for co-hosting!'

  4. I'm a new follower from ILMP Blog Hop! This is such a cute idea. I'm always looking for new ways to surprise my hubby and I love these ideas. I've love for you to come visit @!

  5. ahh! such a good idea, i need to do something like this for my love. thanks for sharing! found you through the blog hop :)
    love. amy.

  6. 14 days before V day I write Leon a card and put it in his lunch box before he leaves. It's def important we show our men our love!! xoxoxo

  7. Stopping by from I Love My Post! :)

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  8. You and your hubby are too cute. I admire how much you appreciate him. That's hard for most couples to acknowledge every day. Now I just need a husband to do this with next year haha


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