Friday, January 18, 2013

{Friday Letters}

Dear flab on my tummy. If you would just go away.. without me having to work you out.. That would be great. 

Dear Diet, this isn't working out. I am having a horrible time resisting food and putting off my workout. Rest assured, I will conquer you again.. You haven't won. Yet.

Dear mom, How come when you come to visit we eat stuff. Like good stuff. I don't think it's working out for my body or my diet.

Dear Hubby, How come you're so darn handsome. You distract me from work all day long with your humor and charm. Quit it. OK, don't. It makes my day SO much better. I am so glad I get to work with you! 

Dear iPhone, I have seriously had it with you. What is this, you work for 2 years then decide to give out? I don't want an iPhone 5 so you better shape up.. because I need an iPhone, and my heart it set on you. Yup, I went there.

Dear Dog Groomer, Your prices went up $5 because of shampoo costs? OK, so could I please have the rest of that bottle of shampoo? I mean you couldn't have used more than 1/4 of it to wash my little buddy.

Dear Pandora, I am loving the Kristain Stanfill station today. You keep playing great songs about my Jesus. 

Dear Jesus, What can I say? You have been so near to me this week. No, you always have been, I just have drawn near to you and you have changed my life because of it. You're always changing me, molding me. Lord, how did I end up with this amazing life YOU have given me? You have given me so much that I am so truly thankful for. I am so sorry I act like such a selfish brat after all You have done. It amazes me that you still love me, and so so much. I am so thankful for this truth that you have shown me. Please continue to change me and use me to do your will.


  1. Love your letters! All of them :) I was going to post and even wrote it then decided not to..was worried it was to similar to my Thursday post ha.

  2. Now I'm gonna have that Grease song stuck in my head all day!!! haha

  3. Love all your letters. It's funny, I swear whenever a new iphone comes out, mine starts crapping out... like there are these secret technicians at Apple that are making your phone crap out on purpose so that you can go buy the new one!! lol =) Have a great weekend!

  4. I think I can say the same thing to my diet. But really how can you resist good food?? Great letters! :)


  5. I so love your Friday Letters! May I please borrow that idea? Lol your letters are so sweet and funny. My iPhone is needing an upgrade very soon as well :) Happy Friday!

  6. I feel ya on the flab on the tummy!! :( I need to work it out, but I'm so lazy! hahaha~ Good luck on your diet!

  7. I loooooooooooove this. :-) Especially the Pandora one! I've been loving Pandora lately!

  8. very sweet. i always love reading other peoples letters! ;)

    PS: I am a new follower! so excited to be here.


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