Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SO What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

This week I am saying SO What if...

I do this post every Wednesday. I like it. A lot.

I got up this morning, got ready, and put on more makeup than usual because I was getting my hair cut and figured if I didn't like it, at least my face would look good. 

Said haircut didn't happen today because my appointment got cancelled. I guess I will just enjoy one more day with my long hair.. and pretty makeup face.

I went a little over in calories yesterday. I am still doing pretty good. Darn those chocolate cashews that were on sale at Frys.

I sent my blog BFF a gift and couldn't keep it a secret so told her I sent it AND when it was coming.

Our Christmas tree and all our Christmas decorations are still up. I don't feel like taking them down.

I am reading Redeeming Love for the tenth time. It's amazing and you should read it too.

I haven't painted my toe nails in forever and the pink is stating to disappear. It's winter and I wear socks all day.  

I haven't had Starbucks in a while. I'm struggling.. but I'm also proud of myself for resisting.

I am writing this post but neglecting the laundry. No one likes laundry. 

My exercise bike is still sitting in the garage. I plan on getting it into the house eventually.. and even using it.

I am probably more excited than you all are to see who wins my giveaway! I love giving gifts. And if you haven't entered.. you should probably go do that here!

Happy Wednesday Friends! :)


  1. The chocolate cashews weren't a bad mistake...since there were nuts in them, you probably got more protein than if you ate a regular candy bar. :)

  2. Don't feel bad about your Christmas decor still being up, I finally took mine down on Sunday and I already miss it!
    Also, thanks for making me feel better about my chipped toenail polish! haha
    Have a great day, friend! :)

  3. My Christmas stuff is still up. I'm hoping to find time to get it down on Saturday. I want my living room back to normal. I'm sure I'll miss it as soon as it's gone, though.

  4. I never paint my toenails in winter! They never see the light of day while the season lasts, so why bother??

  5. Just finished Redeeming love for the first time! Soooo good!


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