Monday, February 4, 2013

Life {Lately}

My life has been pretty full lately with a lot of great stuff going on and being able to spend time with my favorite people.

I got to hang out with my favorite 3 year old today. Look at that big beautiful cheesy grin I got out of her when I said "smile Bella." She was doing awesome today and got to go home since she was fever free! But not before we played with princesses & castles, building blocks, and baking in her "kitchen." She made me a very delicious lunch which included pizza, a taco and a chocolate chip cookie :)

We have also been getting in tons of cuddle time with our little buddy. Poor little guy has had two seizures within a 3 month period. He's never had anything like this before so we aren't sure what's up. Unfortunately, it is common in his breed and there's not much we can do about it. It's just so sad!

This was our random shopping trip on Saturday. Nathan hates shopping. I mean, gets mad at the thought of it, kind of hate. But lucky for me, he compromised and let me spend an hour in Target where I found that sweet, colorful duvet cover for our bedroom. We also had to grab some necessaties like chicken nuggets, (you should see Nathan eat these.. second 5lb bag isn't even pictured!) and a new blender (we've had 2 break since we have been married!), and I just really wanted those shoes ;) Thanks for being a trooper honey!

Here's a couple pictures of it on our bed! It makes the room feel so bright! Love it! I had to put the picture of Gizzy jumping up and photo-bombing it at the last minute ;)

 Kellie and I at the super bowl Party with Access. Nathan & I won some random football trivia game after guessing almost every answer & I scored some Starbucks gift cards from it.. So I was pretty happy!

I then came home to this surprise today! Nathan set up the backyard for us to camp out in, so I can't wait for our plans later! :) He's a special guy & a great husband.. more on that later! I had much more to share too.. but you'll have to wait until the #14daysofvalentines when Teressa & I share our link up!


  1. I love camping in the back yard. All the fun of camping with the comfortable amenities.

  2. Love all these pictures! Let's me see a little bit into your world! :) I love shopping at Target! My husband hates shopping with me b/c I TAKE FOREVER! So I usually don't like going with him if I know I just want to browse. :D

  3. I love the pictures with your niece..she is precious!!! And poor little doggie. Seizures are no fun..PERIOD. My daughter has them ( I think I may of already told you , sorry if I am repeating myself)
    And how sweet was that of your hubby to set that up. that sounds fun. But with that comfy looking bed posted a few pictures before I am afraid (even as much as I enjoy camping) I would be tempted to sneak into in after a while HA

  4. Hi Jess, I am totally loving that duvet set from Target, so beautiful. Target is so much fun! By the way, this is Darwin of The Review DIVA blog. Found you via "I Love My Post" blog hop, and now following you via email. I hope you will follow me back too.


  5. How sweet is he? You guys are such an encouragement for me to find the right person :)

  6. following you via Cribs: A Vlog Link Up! follow me back plz.

  7. I feel like I've been losing touch with you! GAH. Life is so crazy.

    This post is so sweet. I've been praying for Bella and I will continue to!

    Also - HOW CUTE is that of your husby!? I can't wait to have that special God-given man in my life one day. :)


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