Wednesday, February 27, 2013

{SO} What Wednesdays

So What Wednesday
Linking up with the lovely Shannon this week

SO What If:

 I wrote a post for today but decided to post this one instead. Maybe another time.

I have 26 unpublished posts. Sometimes I just write for me and decide I don't want to share. 

I caved and created a Facebook Page for my blog. I already have 50 likes. Isn't that sweet? It would make me sooo happy if you liked it too :)

I got some iced coffee from a friend who works at Starbucks. To be exact 2 trenta cups full & I have had some every day for a week. I'm saving money here folks.

I spent a number I refuse to admit at Starbucks this month, thus the coffee at home. 

 I have entered a million giveaways this week. I used to enter so many and never won. I am really hoping I can win just this one.. called the iPad mini giveaway ;) -Um no joke, I wrote this last week and then won the iPad mini!!

I promised myself I would start working out today right after eating 2, 3, 4 peanut butter cookies last night!

I bought a work-out shirt at Target just to get me motivated. Who else wants to keep me accountable? PLEASE.

I also bought some other a really cute maxi skirt and adorable little shorts that the hubs picked out. #ilovetarget.

 I forgot to clean the mirror before I took those pictures. 

My legs are stark white. It's winter people. 

It is really hard to hit that publish button considering I just uploaded some pictures of myself. 

Happy Wednesday Loves. :)


  1. You are so cute. Eat that extra cookie girl! You look great. I'm bad about Dutch Bros, I go there A LOT. Too much.

  2. Love those clothes!!! I wish I could get 50 likes on my Facebook Blog Page :)

  3. Gosh I just love Target! Cute new duds!!! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Trenta cup fulls! When you know that they actually have those at Starbucks that's how you know you're addicted! =)

    P.S. You look great!


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