Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{SO WHAT} Wednesday

So What Wednesday

 SO What If:

-I just unpacked my suit case from the mini-vaca we took almost 3 weeks ago.

-I couldn't get coconut out of my head yesterday so I ran to the store to get some almond joys, coconut oil and chocolate chip to create the perfect cookie.

-I've started baking twice a week again while on a "diet."  I am practicing self control. 

-I didn't finish filling out myfitnesspal diary last night after having said cookies & mexican food. I only had one cookie. . & maybe half the dough. PS-Wanna be my friend on there?! jmnway is my user name! :)

-I really need to use the restroom.. but I don't want to get up so I am just going to hold it. 

-The bump on my belly is bigger than my BFF's baby bump. I've had it since I was little and trotted around in tweety bird swimsuits. Also, I don't like to do sit ups.

-I am convinced we can afford an all-inclusive vacation so I keep looking up trips online. We can't, but a girl can dream.

-I also convinced myself we could afford Hawaii. Again, I am dreaming. Looks like it'll be California again this year, but I probably won't stop looking.

-We watched the OZ the Great & Powerful in 3D last night. We're nerds & it was awesome.

-If Tuesday nights have inadvertently become our date night. We're that old cool married couple who changes things up.   

 - I bought the cutest dress but I'm saving to wear on Easter. 

Happy Wednesday Friends!


  1. How was OZ? I've heard so many different views that I don't know if it's good. I got a new dress too and am saving it for Easter!


  2. I have a new Easter dress too! :) 10 more days! and PS - don't worry about the bump. My 7th grade classmates used to call me Ichabod Crane. :(

  3. Hi friend!! I love you, but your bump is not as big as mine!
    And yours is at least shrinking while mine is getting bigger!!! Haha :):) I'm gonna try and find a cute Easter dress!!!!

    1. I love you too! :) If we still lived near each other, I would let you borrow one!

  4. Love the picture from the movies!

  5. awe good movie! We saw it in 2D this past weekend. Can't wait to see the dress!

  6. I was on a US airways flight a while back and they were offering a credit card promotional for two free round trip tickets if you signed up in flight. I am usually totally turned off by such "promotions", but having just moved I knew I would need a trip home, or two sometime. The promotion thus far has not been sketchy one bit. I received my points that are good for both tickets if I book far enough ahead and I just had to pay an $89 start fee...worth two plane tickets to me. I don't use the card but love the rewards so far. They said you can use the points to fly anywhere (HAWAII)...yes I am finally getting to a point :)

    Just thought I would share!

    1. Thank you, Thank you! I am going to look that up!!! :)

  7. I like reading these posts so I get to know you better! Good job practicing self control while baking. I don't have self control! I need it desperately!


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