Wednesday, April 17, 2013

{SO What} Wednesday

So What Wednesday

SO What if:

-I ate 3 cookies last night. It was Nathan's birthday and I just couldn't help myself. Cookies are my weakness.

-We ate out for the first time in 2 weeks and my husband got really sick the next day. It's caused us to realize why we aren't eating out. In the midst of his pain, my husband even cried out "I am never eating out again!"

-I am still really sore from a hike we did on Saturday. It ended up being 8 miles and 4 hours long. I wanted to die.

-I secretly love the show 'Man Woman Wild' and want to be just like her. My husband is awesome at that survivor stuff and it'd be fun to be "lost" with him. . Even if I am such a baby and would probably cry the whole time.

-It cost us like a bazillion dollars for Nathan's pump. I am beyond excited that he has it and will be able to use it soon. Such a good thing for his health!

-I've been super OCD about a clean house lately. I don't what it is.. but it's all bothering me. Clean it all!

-I haven't blogged a whole lot lately. See below.

-I feel overwhelming busy with real life. If I named everything we have going on this month (not to mention my husbands Birthday and our Anniversary!) it would take up the whole page.

-This post doesn't have any pictures. I just didn't have time.. but you can follow me on Instagram if you really wanna see my face ;)

-I attempted to get up from my computer just now with my headphone still on and almost tripped. I always forget I am wearing them..

Happy Wednesday Friends!

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  1. Literally I laughed out loud... poor headphones! :)


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