Wednesday, May 15, 2013

{SO What} Wednesday

So What Wednesday
It's Wednesday.. and I will always use today as an excuse to do a So What Wednesday post.

SO What If:
-I am really slacking on being a great blogger right now. Sometimes real life must take precedence even when blogging sounds more fun.

-I can't decide on a place to work so I keep dragging my lap top (and chair) all around the house. Sometimes I'm more comfortable on the couch, or the table (actually no, I hate the table!), or the actual desk. The desk is my favorite but my husband says I am too distracting. ;)

-This is the first day this week I actually got dressed in something other than workout shorts and a tank. Even if it is leggings and a long tank.. it's progress. 

-I seriously love everything coconut. I have been baking with coconut oil, using coconut creamer, and throwing mounds of coconut flakes in every cookie recipe. I'm thinking it's time to go find a coconut Scentsy fragrance as well. 

-I am the grumpiest person in the morning. I don't know what it is, but no matter how long I sleep, I still wake up super tired and annoyed with the world, but mainly my poor husband. 

-I found out my BFF is having a girl so I ran out and bought her the cutest little outfit from Target. It's just what I do. 
-I ate a bean & cheese burrito yesterday. I just.. I wanted one so bad. Sometimes, it's very hard to eat healthy all the time so I just caved. 

-I have a whole closet full of clothes I don't wear and was only able to find 5 shirts I was willing to get rid of. It's not much but I am making some serious progress people!

Happy Wednesday Friends!


  1. I hear you with the blogging vs. real life thing!!! =D
    Hope you're doing well!

  2. Jess I absolutely love reading your blog! Its refreshing to hear I'm not the only grumpy morning person... :) my poor husband has to deal with it as well :/ Hope you have a wonderful week! Blessings!


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