Thursday, December 5, 2013

Your Everything

Recently I came across a popular Pinterest post about 10 things you should tell your daughter before she's 10.
I especially find these interesting because I like to see the advice being given to the young girls in our youth. 
Some of it was OK & even practical. But then I read this last part. 

"9. There is no single person who can be your everything. Be very careful about bestowing this power on any one person.  I suspect you are trying to fill a gnawing loneliness, and if you are you inherited it from me.  That feeling, Woolf's "emptiness about the heart of life," is just part of the deal.  Trying to fill that ache with other people (or with anything else, like food, alcohol, numbing behaviors of a zillion sorts you don't even know of yet) is a lost cause, and nobody will be up to the task.  You will feel let down, and, worse, that loneliness will be there no matter what.  I'm learning to embrace it, to accept it as part of who I am.  I hope to help you do the same."

This part partially .. "That feeling, Woolf's "emptiness about the heart of life," is just part of the deal.. "
Oh my. For anyone who has read this, for any young girl who has been told this, will you please hear me on this. 
 She is right about something. No one person can fill that hole you feel deep in your heart. No human anyways. Not your husband or boyfriend, not your best friend, not your mommy or daddy & not your kids. 
But there is One who can fill that emptiness. The same One who created you and loves you more than anyone one else in the whole world. (Yes, even more than your mommy.)

The One who had a purpose and plan for your life long before you were conceived. The One who calls you by name & asks to fill not only your heart with security, truth and hope, but also your empty life with Him. You don't have to live wondering "is this all there is? Do I have to live my whole life with the gnawing feeling that I can't ever be whole? That I'll never be fully known or accepted? Am I meant to just deal with this empty feeling and try to live with it? 
The answer is NO.
A million times, NO.
Because you are known. You are loved. You are accepted and that feeling is not something you have to live forever with. Because there is Someone you can rely on fully.
Trust with EVERYTHING.
Give your whole heart to and absolutely know, without a doubt, that He will never beak it.
Jesus longs to be all that you need. And I promise you, He will never disappoint you. Oh and that "woolf's emptiness?" That's a lie. Don't listen to the lie that you can never trust "any one person" because The Lord is trustworthy & He will never fail you.
He, my dear friends, is the "exception to the rule."


  1. Amen. Amen. Amen. Everyone needs to hear this.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and can I say I am so glad I did! This is something everyone should know and a reminder I am glad I read tonight. Thank you!

  3. Thank you Briana! So glad you found my blog! Do you have a blog? Would love to check it out :)


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