Tuesday, October 2, 2012

25 going on 16...

Funny story... Every time my husband and I meet new students or their parents, one of them always assumes I am in fact the student and not the leader. It.never.fails. Not only do they think I am a student but then when I tell them I am actually married to the youth pastor, they shake their head in disbelief. It's gotten to be a joke within our group so whenever anyone new comes, we let them guess my age. I usually get 16-18. Usually no older. So when people kept asking me if I was excited to turn 25, my response was.. "not really, I don't like getting older but still being mistaken for a teen." :) Besides that, I had a great birthday. One of the best! My husband spoiled me and threw a party with all our friends. My hubby had a taco bar, Rainbow chip cake, and he even made his very first batch of cake pops while I was out shopping with my best friend. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better all of my wonderful friends and husband surprised me with a kitchen aid mixer!! I am so super excited! I promise to bake my heart out and share it with you all! Here are some pictures of my lovely friends and my party. Thanks babe for making it so special. I love you!

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