Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So what Wednesday

So What Wednesday

I LOVE this link up! So fun!

SO WHAT if...

  • I wore the same outfit twice this week. It was cute and I don't have many shirts I can wear with leggings. Because no, leggings are not pants!
  • I am so excited to be featured on Kenzie's blog this week. She's awesome!
  • I paid $22 for a stupid turkey because I waited way too long to buy one.
  • Target didn't have my size leggings so I bought 2 sizes up. They're comfy and I've decided that I love them like that!
  • I braved Costco yesterday and it was terrible. I'm alive. 
  • I secretly wish I could be an extreme couponer and save $500 a month. That's a lot of money.
  • I'm sick. I am still determined to have a great Thanksgiving!
  • I haven't done much anything to prepare for Thanksgiving even though I am hosting and it happens to be Wednesday.
  • I like to go shopping on Black Friday and don't usually buy more than one item. I just think it's fun! 
  • My mom is staying with us and I just begged her to go me a Starbucks. She's my mom, isn't that still her job?
Happy Thanksgiving Friends!


  1. I wish I could be an extreme couponer too! Who doesn't love saving money...especially that much! WOW
    I hope you feel better and I am sure your Thanksgiving will turn out are hosting it after all so how could it not :)
    Oh one more thing I have NEVER went shopping on black Friday. Part of me is sad the other part is perfectly fine with it ha.
    Have a blessed day!!!

    1. Awe, Thanks Cat! You're too sweet!! I think it's awesome you have never gone! I kinda wish I didn't get in the habit haha!

  2. I too wish I was an extreme couponer!
    after being pregs, I decided I can wear leggings as pants.. I always wear a long shirt, dress, or skirt over but I wear them ALOT now.

    1. When I said leggings as pants, I meant.. When people don't wear a shirt that covers what needs to be covered :)

  3. Your cute! I too have not done one thing to prepare for thanksgiving and I'm hosting. I have good intentions though :) I want to be an extreme couponer also but can't wrap my head around the math it takes to figure it all out. Happy Thanksgiving lovely.

  4. I ALWAYS buy my leggings a couple sizes bigger. I agree - they are so much more comfy that way. :-)

    Can't wait to feature you this week love!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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