Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SO WHAT Wednesday

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon again this week over at Life After I Dew. :)

This week I am saying SO WHAT  if..

-I lost all the work I was doing yesterday and waited until today to do it again because I spent all afternoon looking for it on my computer.

-I went shopping on Thanksgiving and bought my husband an iPad, impulsively, without checking our bank account.

-I also couldn't wait until Christmas so I just went ahead and gave it to him now. He loves it!

-If my husband wrestled a jr. high kid at youth and thinks he broke a rib. We are getting so old.

-I'm a whimp and must wear a jacket inside and out the whole time we've been up North. It's cold and I don't remember how I handled this when I lived here.

-I wore leggings and a big sweater the first three days I was on vacation. It's vacation, I can wear whatever I want ;)
-I am allergic to something here and have developed a rash all over my face. It should clear up..I hope. OK- it kinda bothers me. 

-I miss alone time with my husband and it's only been 3 days since we've been here. I am not used to sharing a house with another couple. However, we are having a great time! 

What are you saying SO WHAT to this week, Friends? 


  1. Oh I wish I would of linked up with this before I posted today... I have several "so whats" ha!

    Hope your rash gets better and the hubs does NOT have a broke rib.

  2. Yeah, so what! I tend to feel the same way when my husband and I are around people for a good amount of time. I quickly miss our alone time.

  3. cute blog :)

    new follower

  4. Funny about the Ipad! I did the exact same thing two Christmases ago. But I was having it shipped to Korea and Zachary found the email from apple saying it was stuck in customs! But even two years later he uses it everyday, so it was worth it! I know your hubbs loves it, too!

  5. I love that you bought hubby a gift and couldn't wait to give it to him :) that's when you know it's a great gift!

  6. At least you already figured out an awesome gift for your hubby lol! I'm still working on that :P

    {new follower :)}


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