Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful for friends

Oh my.. We are just loving our little mini vacation. We are having such a wonderful time with our dear friends and connecting with new people. Nathan and I both grew up in this small town and I have a lot of mixed feelings towards it. Because it is so little, things weren't always pleasant but it's certainly been a different experience than when I was growing up here. So far we have been able to go to church with them, meet the staff and have so many wonderful conversations with them all. We even had the opportunity to pray for a student of theirs together. LOVE that we got to be a part of that!

 My husband and I get the joy of being a part of their youth this week as well! Nathan is teaching both lessons as a "guest speaker" and I am just looking forward to connecting with students and serving here. I LOVE how The Lord allows for us to be a part of other ministries even if it's in this small way. I am overwhelmed with joy at being a part of the good things God is doing here and building friendships in Christ.

It's also just so nice being here. We actually napped on Sunday. Yes, NAPPED.


 Friends, this never happens. We have both our youth services on Sunday nights, 5-6:30 and 7-8:30. And obviously we have our church service Sunday morning as well so as soon as we are done there, we are rushing to make sure everything is all set for the night. Of course we both adore doing youth but are also very appreciative for the opportunity to help serve somewhere else and relax some. Although, I miss our students... just a little :)

We have also watched some movies, (Twilight to be exact) stayed up late talking and just have been having so much fun spending time with our friends. When I first got here my friend and I couldn't stop talking, it was pretty funny.. Someone even said "do they ever stop to take a breath?" Haha. We just really missed each other. We all have those friends. The ones we can pick up with right where we left off? The ones where your husbands are also best friends. And then they move away but you get together and it's the best :)Yup, I have two of those girls. :) Love them!

I have only snapped this one picture but it's cute! -My hubs with our friends puppy Rocky. He love Nathan. It's cute and makes me miss our two, four-legged babies! 
Full recap with tons more pictures to come, promise! :)

Hope you're all having a great week too, friends!

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  1. Can't wait for more pics! So glad that you are enjoying yourselves! =)


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