Friday, December 21, 2012

{Fab Friday}

So, who doesn't love ending their week with all the Fab things going on in their lives! 

-Christmas is in 4 days folks. This makes me SO happy. I made some awesome gifts for my mom and sister that I am beyond excited to give to them! 

-Christmas also means a Christmas Eve Service at our Church. I love seeing new faces and others giving their hearts to Jesus. 
-This year's Advent study on 'She Reads Truth' has been amazing. I have loved reading the Old Testament then jumping into the Gospel. Friends, read the Gospel, over and over and each time I promise it will change your life!

-I sent my Cara box this week and my new friend, Laura got it and wrote me the sweetest email about it! I am so glad she liked it. Makes me so happy! Once it's posted on Wifessionals, I'll share why I gave her what I did. :)

-Nathan and I had a great date night this week! P.F. Changs and The Hobbit. We're risk takers, what can I say?

-I won a giveaway today! Oh man, it is the best thing ever to wake up to a email saying you won something especially when you enter almost every giveaway there is! I won a gift card to the CUTE little LuBeth Designs shop on Etsy! 

-I bought the 4-pack of sparkling cider at Costco yesterday. I think I might have finished 5 bottles, by myself, since the beginning of December. Listen, I love that stuff and I refuse to look at what the fat/calorie content is on it because frankly, I just don't care. 

-I made gingerbread cookies earlier this week and they were yummy!!

Have a Fabulous Friday Friends!!


  1. I LOVE that sparkling cider! I'm kinda jealous you've drank so much already!

  2. mmm love gingerbread cookies! they are my fav!

  3. what a good week you had lovely! and yes I have sooo enjoyed the advent she reads truth series! Happy weekend

  4. I'm late commenting in this one, but I love that you linked up, too! :) Your Christmas card is SO cute! I love it!


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