Thursday, February 7, 2013

14 Days of Valentines {Week ONE}

Hello loveys! It's finally time for Teressa's & I's very first link up. If you're wondering what the heck is going on, you can check out our original posts here & here!

To be honest, I wanted to do this because yes, I love my husband. But also because I don't feel like I am very good at showing him I love him in the way he feels loved (which is mostly by acts of service.) If the dishes are dirty, Nathan does them. If the trash is full, he takes it out. If there is dog poo to be cleaned, Nathan is out there cleaning it.

I've noticed this week, since I have been trying my best to do these things, just how much he does to keep our home clean.

I decided I HATE dishes. I don't know where they all come from! But he always does them, without me asking, with that cute little smile on his face. I was definitely taking this for granted as I realized this week how hard it must be for him to keep up with all of this. He has a full-time job. He is also a full-time youth pastor & fortunately for him, he has a full time wife ;) But on top of all of that, he is so good at keeping things good to go at home!

This week I would work, clean, cook, then bake almost every single night. It.was.EXHAUSTING. By the end of the day, I just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep for 10 hours. I don't know how people keep up with that kind of life. Remember in the old days when woman would do all of that, all day long? And cook extravagant meals and bake apple pies from scratch after tending to their duties outside?! Crap. No thank you!

With all of that said, after seeing how thankful he was, it was all worth it. I enjoyed doing these things because I know by it, my husband would see how much I appreciated him. & by the way.. I don't plan on ending these shenanigans on Valentine's Day. I am going to continue it until it's a habit & just something I automatically do. Because then my husband understands how much I appreciate him and his heart for our family.

Here's this week's 'details' Enjoy & don't forget to link up with your own ideas this week and next Friday the 15th!

 Feb 1st- Note on the mirror in the morning. Date night at Red Robin! We weren't actually getting along this day.. I almost decided not to go through with our plans but a good friend encouraged me to keep it up. The restaurant had a 20 minute wait and we were forced to talk it out. So actually, it all worked out ;)

Feb 2nd- We did a lot today.. coffee and Bible time at Starbucks, a walk with our pups and a nice dinner :) Later we saw a movie with a couple friends.

Feb 3rd- We had a long day on Sunday. We had a service project from 7am-12:30 & another event at 4. But we managed to nap and cuddle in bed which was part of my plan for spending time alone together.

Feb 4th- I left Nathan a note and downloaded a new CD by David Crowder to his phone. He has been wanting this CD for a while :)

Feb 5th-While he was at staff meeting, I cleaned the whole downstairs, prepared dinner & made him a scrumptious lemon meringue pie. I even cleaned up my mess, friends, this is big! Look at that pretty kitchen! He was pretty happy when he got home :)

February 6th- Nothing says I love you to my husband like a clean house. I organized our pantry & linen closet and cleaned our kitchen again.

February 7th- Left him a coupon for a night in together. He really enjoys just sitting down at home & reading together and talking about Jesus. I am hoping he will be able to use it to help him have a calm night in the middle of our crazy schedule.

Some stuff, I'm not sharin' ;)
& every day I made an effort to get smokin hot for my hubs. Since we work from home, this really does take some effort!
& just for fun.. if you didn't already think we were weird enough.. we like to take pictures with this owl :)

How did you love your husband this week? 

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  1. Jess, you're so cute! What a fun idea this is for a post ;)

  2. So cute! I'm sure your hubby loved this!!! :)

    Xoxo Jamie

  3. "And some stuff I'm not sharing!" BAHA! ;)
    This is a great idea. I really need to do something like this for my husband... special things that make him feel loved. I'm not always good at it!

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