Friday, February 22, 2013

{Fab Friday}

Hi Friends!! :) Linking up with Laura today for one of my favs :)

These Fab things are happening in my life:

I have a Starbucks in my hand! I held out for a couple days & rewarded myself with a chai. I feel like there might be something wrong with that sentence. ;)

The hubs and I are going away next week. One of the BEST things about working from home, is you can pretty much work from anywhere. We are switching houses with my parents and staying in their lovely home in Show Low. It's beautiful & snowy this time of year so I can't wait to get away and be outdoors! 

I've made some new friends this week blogging and that always makes me happy. 

We actually got a tax return. I was pretty shocked & very excited. It's not much but it means we don't owe! 

I won a giveaway! I enter probably a bazillion and almost never win.. but I won a cute little one with some ad space and blog design. Yay me!

The Lord has been using me in really cool ways in this little blogging world. Recently I have just been seeing Him take things I have dealt with or lived through to encourage others. I just love that I can be a part of anything He chooses to do through my blog or experiences. 

I created a Facebook page! This is exciting stuff guys! It would be even more fab if you went ahead and liked it :) 
I went for a run yesterday. Ok, fine.. I went for a minute run, 20 min power walk. Baby steps people. But I have been doing sooo good with my exercise and healthy eating! 

Oh and I took this AWESOME picture. Creepy? Yes. FAB? yes! :) Happy Friday loves! 

(you can even see some cookies baking in the background. #jess'sbakingaddiction)


  1. hahah! wow, I love that you feel God is using you girl. That's right where we are supposed to be:) love Katie

  2. Prepare to meet another new friend, because I just started following you!
    After reading a bit about you, I was surprised how much we relate. My husband and I are also in youth ministry, chai lattes with soy are my go-to drink, and baking.. well, I'm working on the baking.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  3. Good morning Jess. I love how you say you feel God is using you because I feel God has brought me to your blog as well as other ladies blogs who love God like I do and have faith. I feel God works thru me when I help people esp friends going thru trouble and need up lifting and I'm there for them. Whatever kind of works of God you're doing I'm sure it's amazing. I look forward to getting to know you and your blog.

    Hope you have a blessed weekend,

    Love in christ,


    p.s. hope you'll follow me back.

  4. How cool that you are switching homes with your parents!
    & I too love that God is using you to help others ;-)
    Enjoy the weekend, Jess!

  5. If you are a skier you should go to Sunrise! It is a beautiful time of year up there. Are you an AZ blogger? Newest follower!

  6. I think there is some good news for you here: :)

  7. Hope you have a great time on your trip! New follower, came from Newborn Mama's page. Can't wait to read more of your blog and get to know you!


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