Friday, March 15, 2013

Fab Friday

Linking up with Laura this week to celebrate the good things in life.

-I've lost 4 pounds in these last 2 weeks since I started getting serious about eating better, exercising & maintaining my calorie intake. I'm proud of myself.

-Next week we are starting a new series in our marriage small group & I have heard it's a really awesome study. I can't wait to dive in. I Love anything that would strengthen my marriage and allow it to be an example for others.

-We had the BEST small group the other night with our high school girls. I have been so encouraged by my friends prayers and just being a part of a community that prayers for each other that I wanted to also have them do the same for each other. We spent a couple hours just talking about what the Lord has been doing in our lives and when they cried, I cried, we all cried.. :) Happy heart.

-My BFF is prego & adorable. As stated earlier this week, Tanya, I love you and your unborn little!

-Another friend (who is also prego & adorable) recently moved right by me! I am so excited to see her more! 

-We have a day off tomorrow with absolutely NO plans. This is huge I tell ya! I am beyond excited.

- I've seen the Lord do BIG things this week in terms of my anxiety. I haven't had anxiety for some time now and when it kinda took me by surprise, The Lord assured me He had everything under control. Things that would have me upset and crying for weeks in the past, The Lord brought peace to me in a matter of hours. He used my friends prayers and His unfailing word to reveal His faithfulness to me and it was amazing.

  -I made these last night & they were yummmmmyyyy. Recipe will be up on Monday :)

-My bloggy friends. I know this is something I always write about, but I am so beyond thankful for your friendships, prayers, and love. I wish we all lived close so we could be friends outside of the internet. I have seen so many of you follow me on Bloglovin after the GFC news (before I even knew what was happening!) and that makes me so happy. Thank you for reading my blog and caring enough to make sure you still will.  Kassie, if I get to see you this summer, I will be beyond excited!! Love you girls.

Happy Friday Friends!! :)


  1. I love so much about this!
    Love that you are finding that God is being so helpful with your anxiety. Me too girl! Me too! It feels so good. I cannot even put it into words. I'm literally tearing up writing this. Your help & your words have been so incredibly helpful. Scripture has been helpful. Talks with our pastor has been helpful. God is so so good. Truly.

    & Congrats on the weight loss, girl! Keep it up! =D

  2. just followed you on bloglovin!!


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