Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SO What Wednesday

So What Wednesday


I have only written 4 posts this month and it's the 13th.

I average 15 posts a month. Quality not quantity people ;)

I didn't feel like getting dressed this morning so I am still in my owl pjs. A pro & con about working from home.

I lost horribly to my husband last night at mini golf. He's a pro at everything. Not cool.

I really want to do a vlog.. but I can't get my husband to do the married one with me & I don't have any other ideas. 

I was going to clean the whole house yesterday then realized Nathan already did it. Lucky me :)

I have to come up with an awesome dessert for tomorrow's small group and haven't even really thought about it. I'll make it happen.

I slow down at lights when I see the little hand clicking down from 4 but the light is still green. I hate those things. I get so confused about what I should do! 

I have "ombre" hair on accident because I don't want to color my hair anymore. At least I look cool. 

I use my new iPad mini like it's my phone. I don't even look for my phone anymore, I am more concerned about where my iPad is.

I really want you read this post from yesterday about what's been on my heart concerning money. It's important to me.

I get really excited when my husband gets home from his 2 hour staff meeting. Even if we do spend all day, every day together, I happen to miss him a little. I love him.

Happy Wednesday my friends!


  1. so excited for you about the ipad mini!! i would love to get an ipad or mini but i have a kindle and an iphone so i just can't justify it :)

  2. My husband would never do a vlog with me either. haha


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