Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Girl Behing the Blog {My very FIRST Vlog}

Ok, so listen.
This had to have been the tenth vlog I tried recording & even then, Nathan had to edit the crap out of it (as you can see, he even named it wifey first vlog) Lol. He also added music.. isn't he sweet!

These are WAY harder than all those pretty bloggers make it seem. 

A. I have NO idea why the color kept changing. Stupid computer.
B. Apparently I can't talk without using the word "um" in every one of my sentences.
  C. This was fun! not. I only did it because I knew how badly you all wanted to hear my voice. ;) I think my Bloggy BFFL is the only one of you who actually has, so, you're welcome.  I'm kidding, I really have wanted to do a vlog for some time now! 


  1. Nice post!
    have you entered for my giveaway??

  2. YES crockpot! Cant believe I forgot about my crockpot haha ;)
    It seriously is SO expensive right!! But it is so good in making you feel better and things. I'm slowly changing us over so its not a total shock to the budget =)
    I got to the end =) You are so sweet! I think you did an awesome job! I'm so glad to finally see you =)
    Much Love!

  3. You did a great job! Are you going to do next months TGBTB link-up? I'm just starting to get into using my crock pot I got six years ago from my wedding!I plan on going healthy when Dylan deploys so I don't deprive him of yummy food before he goes to the desert, lol. So, I will definitely be checking out those websites!

  4. AWWW i just Love you!! You are too cute! And I am pretty sure I say "um" more than you so no worries :)
    I have also been tempted to do a vlog BUT I dont have anyone to edit and I hate pictures of myself so I don't k now how i would feel about a video LOL.

  5. I just did this link up too!! My first time :) I feel a lot better about to vlogs when other people are doing them too!

  6. yea cool!!! whole foods are the best!!! we changed and got on that boat about a year and a half ago and do not regret it at all!!! nooooooooooo no sushi!!!! lol. i have never been able to swallow that stuff. glad you love it though! so cool to hear your voice :-) XO

  7. Yay! So glad you joined in this month! And I'm super excited to have found you through the link-up.

    I love my crockpot too! Coming home to dinner already cooked is one of the best feelings!

    I'm excited to get to know you better now!

  8. Yay!!! I love vlogs!!

  9. Yay!! i'm glad you linked up.. I always love hearing peoples voices.. And I think I need some of your crockpot recipes.. i ALWAYS like coming home to a cooked meal.

  10. YAYYY! umm I made something in the crock pot tonight. You did great!!! so cute. I can't wait to one day eat your cookies. please please please blog conference ONE DAY

  11. I put up a cookie recipe that you should try - and then you can eat them forever! Yay for vlogs!

  12. ahh sushi. yes. I should have said that. In fact, I had it for lunch AND dinner one day last week. Same roll and everything. It did leave me with a tummy ache so maybe it's not the best idea ;)

  13. YAY! I love this. I wanted to watch it so bad yesterday but I wasn't near my computer & my phone was being silly! You are so cute, and man did this make me hungry!!

  14. Girl, you did great! I've done one blog and I think it will be my only one...maybe. :)


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