Monday, March 4, 2013

Our little getaway.

Nathan & I have been itching to get away somewhere together for some time now. Thankfully for us, my mom owns a house up north and it is the perfect little getaway spot. So I asked my mom to swap houses with us for a week & thankfully, she agreed. 
 It's so beautiful up here. I just want to sleep all day and never leave. The only unfortunate thing is, besides Saturday & Sunday, we are working. 
Yesterday, we hiked around the lake and it was amazing . There was still snow all over the ground and the weather was cold but bearable. It's just nice to be somewhere away together, working or not, in another environment. You know? 
& there's just something about being away from the busyness and daily demands. I am getting time in with the Lord and feeling renewed this weekend. I am so grateful for this. 

  Love you babe.

 He's the cutest. 

We even got to see our dear friends on the way up.



  1. So fun how your got to swap houses! =)

  2. Blogged you! And hijacked a picture from your blog... but don't worry I included lots of links. Hope your okay with that kind of hijacking. Looks spectacular! So glad you guys are getting to do this! Rest up friend.


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