Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SO What Wednesday

So What Wednesday


I have nothing else to write about so of course I defaulted to my favorite, So What Wednesday.

I am house hunting and we can't buy for another 5 months. 

I found my dream house while searching, within our budget, but I know it will be gone by the time our rental lease is up.

I miss my dog terribly. He's my little buddy & it's so weird being without him for a while.I mean, look how cute he is.

I thought it was Thursday & got super excited because the iPad mini I won comes Thursday.

I am tracking it every 5 minutes. It's an iPad. Enough said.

I got my case 2 days before I'll even get the iPad mini. At least I know it will be protected when it gets here!

I was at Starbucks the other day (one day out of forever it seems) and the girl charged me for extra caramel. If I were being honest, I go there WAY too much, but in my defense, I have NEVER been charged for this because their rule is only if you are adding something to the drink that isn't typically in it. It's cool Starbucks, I am just going to drink coffee at home.

I ate a super low calorie breakfast & dinner  yesterday so I could have a bean & cheese burrito for lunch. I was still under and it was well worth it! 

I got a pedicure in the middle of winter. I really  needed one. I haven't had one since my bff got married. A year and a half ago.

I am so excited that my bff is pregnant & just shared the news with the world, aka, Facebook. I almost couldn't hold it in any longer ;)

I can't decide on a vacation. We have gone to the same place 3 out of the 4 years we have been married but hubs wants to try something new. But so what if I don't want new. I like old.

I have way too many so whats this week.

Happy Wednesday Friends!


  1. hehe, you're too cute.

    i can't believe they charged you extra for caramel. it's not like they aren't overpriced already!

    i haven't had a pedicure (at least one done at the salon) it seems in forever too. i am completely due one.

    happy Wednesday!

  2. Girl, your first two...totally there! We want a house SO bad but are waiting a bit. Found one I love but I try not to think about it or I get depressed!

  3. You should follow through with the dream house .. maybe able to close later than you think :) ...
    You're funny! and cute!

  4. Love that you are house hunting early; that's so me! Nothing wrong with just seeing what's out there :o) Oh and the Ipad mini eh? I'm so jealous; that's awesome!

  5. boo to the extra caramel! i would have said something. and then asked for extra, extra caramel! ;) found and following via the hop. no need to reply back--I'd rather you visit & comment there instead!


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