Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013 {In Photos}

Because I'm lazy, I opted out of So What Wednesday this week. To hold you over, here are some of my favorite Easter Photos.

Love him.

Some of our High School girls

The Datria Clan + Zach 

My husband being a stud. 

Kami (our pastor's daughter) cuddling the animals in the petting zoo.

Joe photo-bombing.

 Mylia giving hugs, so cute!

Lastly, our inability to take a normal picture with any fictional Character.


  1. You are unbelievably gorgeous. LOVE your dress.
    & the hubby is not that bad looking either!! ;-)

  2. Love love love all these pictures. And your dress is adorable!

  3. BAHAHA! My favorite is your husband holding the Easter bunny's hand. Priceless. Happy Easter!!! XO

  4. Look like a great easter! I love your dress!

  5. Love your dress and your hubby's bow tie! So cute!
    And umm I would love a petting zoo for Easter Sunday. How fun!

  6. Been missing your posts! Hope everything is ok! Happy Thursday!


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