Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{SO What} Wednesday

So What Wednesday
-It's Wednesday and I haven't blogged since last Thursday. Holy cow, we are SO busy.

-I don't have time to blog much this week. Sorry friends, would love to, but time just will not allow. 

-I went WAY over our grocery budget this month. I haven't figured out how to eat healthy while on a budget.. tips?
-I made my husband help me rearrange our whole bedroom just so I could sleep under the air vent. My two-story house and I aren't exactly friends.

-I can't stop eating the almond butter I found at Sam's Club. I mean seriously.. it's WAY better than peanut butter. OH MY YUM.

-I like it so much I bought raw almonds today and fully intend on trying to make homemade almond butter. 

-I use my food processor at least once a day. I LOVE having one. Thanks sister :)

-I text my BFFL and Bloggy Bestie every day. When you have really amazing friends, you can't help but share life with them. Thank you girls for being so amazing.

-I refuse to work downstairs anymore. I know I annoy my husband.. but I think he secretly likes it ;)

-Our anniversary is in two days and I still haven't gotten my husband anything.. I have time & I already know what I am getting him!

Happy Wednesday Friends!

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  1. It is super expensive to eat healthy!
    Things I have learned thus far, buy heads of lettuce instead of bags, much cheaper! You can store them in mason jars and they last for seven days!

    Walmart has recently had great deals on ground turkey...if you're a fan

    Cod is a great white fish that is inexpensive from the butcher. Soak fish in half mile half water for 20 minutes before cooking and there is ZERO fish taste and it's extra tender


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