Thursday, May 23, 2013

Love for you.

When I think back to when I first started blogging, I am still in awe of what it's become.
I have this tiny little space of the Internet that's all mine. 
I have a "web address" and buttons and ad space and my very own header. 
I love pouring into this blog and hearing from you, friends. 
I love that you care and that so many times a comment can remind me why I blog. 
I am so, so encouraged by your sweet words. I am filled with so much joy whenever you say God used something I wrote to speak to you. 
If you're reading this, thank you. Thank you for commenting on my blog even when I haven't had a chance to read yours. 
Thank you for still loving me when I don't respond to your comment. 
I know every blogger says this, but I truly do read every comments. Even if I'm not able to respond, I love to hear from each and every one of you. 
Thank you for not caring that this space I do have is so, so tiny. But still taking time to read what I say. It means more to me than you'll ever know.

I am at a place where my life has just gotten so busy. And that's ok. It just means some things I love, like my little blog space has suffered. 
I have thought about giving up. 
I kept telling myself it wouldn't matter anyways..  My blog isn't growing, and no one would care. 
And even if that were true, even if no one did care and even if my blog stays this little forever, I will keep blogging because I know God uses me here. I know He gave me a heart for writing, even if its not that good. I know it was Him who put the idea in my head and the desire in my heart. 
I didn't even know what I would say when I started writing. But The Lord did. 
He brought this at the exact time I needed it. He gave me friends who love me and pray for me. A best friend even. One I talk to all the time, who I pray for and who prays for me. Someone I share life with even if its from states away. 
God gave me this little space. A place where He knew I could share my heart and find healing. A place where He would be glorifed, and I hope He is. 

In the meantime, I am hoping to spend more time here because I love to and I want to be an encouragement to anyone who needs it. I want to live a fearless life, a God chasing life, in all that I do. I'm not meant to just "live" but to change others lives by allowing God to do His will in mine. This life is so precious, there is so little time and more than anything, I just want to do whatever The Lord desires from me because nothing else could possibly matter as much. 

So much love to you friends. 


  1. The blogging community is the best! There are some truly amazing people out there :)

  2. Oh my goodness I love this so much. Love you Jess!! =) =)

  3. Thank you for blogging, Jess! I'll never forget that you were the first one that offered words of wisdom when I was so frustrated with blogging. Keep it up! :)

  4. You are a great writer Jess. God is using you in your space, and he'll lead you hear to share your heart when the times are right. We all love you and enjoy when you come here to share with us! GOOO GIRL!!

  5. So glad you posted and shared your heart. You are an inspiration :)


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