Wednesday, May 8, 2013

{SO WHAT} Wednesday

So What Wednesday
  SO What If:
-I didn't do a So what post last week. Why is life SO busy right now?
- I ate 6 cookies the other day and half the cookie dough. That's what happens when I don't bake for 2 weeks. I feel like I am sugar deprived so I eat them all.
-I had an equally bad eating weekend that consisted of (but not limited to) Pizza, Sushi (I ate so much I literally had to go lay down because I was in pain), Mexican food, Coldstone, a whole can of Pringles, and Starbucks-twice. Warning, this happens when you spend the whole weekend with your pregnant best friend. I had No.Self.Control. 
-I am overly excited to get a text from the BFFL announcing the gender of that little baby she is growing! The appointment is finally today and once I know, I can shop. hello. 
-Tonight is our only night of doing absolutely nothing this week. This sometimes occurs when in youth ministry and have a full time job.

-I am considering keeping my iPhone and iPad out of their cases. They look so pretty and I just want to live fearlessly for once!

-I had to return another blender to Target last night (because they keep breaking!) and I couldn't find my receipt. They so graciously gave me a gift card which I used to buy cheese, jelly, and a tank-top. What? 

-We had to change our vacation date. It's a huge bummer that we'll have to wait 2 more weeks, but due to unforeseen circumstances, this will be better for everyone.

-Our Honda needs new tires so I told Nathan we just don't need to drive it then. We work from home anyways and have another car. I don't see the need. 
 -This is the only post I had the time to muster up. I really do love the So What Wednesday series ;)
Happy Day Friends!

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