Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our First Home


On Friday Morning, July 5th, we put our first house up for sell.
On Monday morning, we had an offer.
So.. That's pretty crazy.
We are already under contract as they have accepted our counter offer. 
I have a lot of feelings. 
Some sad, Some excited. 
It all just kinda happened so fast, I don't know which emotion I feel more. 
Either way, I truly believe this is just another indication that the Lord has us right where He wants us...
Doing Youth ministry at a church plant we fell in love with 2 years ago.
When I compare our home & our past to the life we have been given now, I am overwhelmed the joy that the Lord has given us .."immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us" -Ephesians 3:20
Even still, I'll never forget all the memories we had there.
My Bridal shower.
Coming home to our house together after our honeymoon.
Bella's first Easter.
Nathan nearly burning the house down (& lighting his hair on fire!) while working on his jeep.
Tearing up floors and tearing down walls creating mounds of dust in our kitchen and a lot of eating out.


So many Birthdays. 
So many kisses & hugs when either of us would come home from work.
 Planting flowers and watching them survive everything.
My husband caring for baby pigeons.
Countless hours of painting & decorating together.
Nathan running outside during a lightening storm to save our 2 newly planted trees.
Thanksgiving in the backyard.
Bringing mattresses out for Bella to play on so she wouldn't fall on the hardwood.
Placing a decal above our bed that said "Just One lifetime won't be enough for us"
Installing our new TV on the wall thinking it was going to fall and break because Nathan's arms were falling asleep.
Singing and reading together on the porch.
Sleepless nights spent watching movies on the couch.
Getting up early every morning with Nathan when he worked so far away and cuddling up next to him while he drank his coffee and read his Bible.
Watching my husband work hard to make the house look great, inside and out.
A spider falling out of the air vent causing me to panic.
The phone call about my dad needing to have open heart surgery.
"counseling sessions" with my husband in the office and him speak truth over & over to me.
So many times we were laughing over everything. 
Some times I was crying over nothing.
Just sharing this home together. 
The very first place that was ours & making it a place we loved to come home to. 
All of these memories will hold a special place in my heart forever.
They can't be replaced and I will never again be able to recreate them in the same place.
What I do know is we will create new memories.
ones even more beautiful then the past ones. 
We'll create a new home together.
I know God has great plans for us, just as He has always proven, and I can't wait to see what they are.


  1. I am so so happy for the two of you! We just moved as well and I wrote a post just like this with all the memories i had in our first place so I wont forget. You will be so happy you wrote this! Such great memories. And a beautiful couch. Hahaha. :-)

  2. That is so great! Congrats!

    I think feeling bittersweet is normal. So many memories were created by the two of you in your first home.

  3. Aww I know all the emotions you are feeling. I experienced them when my husband and I moved from our home in Florida all the way to NY. It's bittersweet but it's amazing to see what God has in store for your future. You can tell he is already working in your life because of how fast things are moving.

    The Word of A Nerd

  4. So happy for you two!


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