Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HUME SD 2013


  So... we took close to a bazillion pictures. 
OK but really, 2,000. 
Camp was A-MAZING. 
Kool-aid fights. 
Late nights.
The Beach.
An Amazing video.
The Gospel.
 Seeing Kids devote their lives to Jesus.
Ice cream & coffee.
chanting "C O P S, we're the COPS & we're the BEST!"
Car rides.
Paddle surfing.
Pizza slices the size of your face. 
Crab crawling.
Christmas in June.
 Just to name a few. 
Also, the enemy really didn't want us there, particularly me, I think.
 I Was having terrible anxiety the week leading up to camp (mind you, I haven't struggled with anxiety this bad for close to a year now..)
 and as soon as I got there, I thought I was going to die from it. I mean it got so intense I had to walk outside, drive to get some dinner with my husband, talk it out and cry. 
I slept maybe 1 hour that whole night. 
Which really didn't help considering I had to be a non-stop jr. high leader for 5 days straight at a camp that doesn't stop. 
But you know what? 
God is good and guess what..
the enemy didn't win. he never does. 
God will always prevail. The Lord spoke to my heart and changed me. 
He allowed me to be a part of  our students giving their hearts to Him and committing to His ways. 
He allowed me to be challenged, stretched and moved.
He allowed me to be the one to pray with and speak truth to a sweet girl who committed her life to Jesus.
Of course the enemy didn't want me there for that.. but I was and I am so thankful to continuously get the opportunity to "do ministry" with my husband, our great team of youth leaders & our amazing students. 


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  2. Oh my gosh!! Can you guys be any more adorable!? Jesus looks amazing on you both my friend and I love your passion for youth.. It looks like you guys had a blast.. Boy do I miss those camp days!

    I cannot wait until we have more youth at our church. We're a new church and I can't wait until we can do stuff like this!


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