Wednesday, August 7, 2013

CSM- Mission Trip 2013

So I'm back!
&& I have sooo much to share!
Although I want to do an extended post on our time in LA, I just wanted to let you know how it went overall.

 We saw a lot of hurting people.
We spoke with a few homeless people and it scared me at first. 
It was more terrifying than I thought because of how they often responded.
I didn't have Nathan around me all of the time, but instead, students who were looking to me for direction and safety. 
It wasn't easy but it was necessary.
We met the CUTEST kids ever. We hung out with them every morning and I cried when we left.
Someone asked where I was and Nathan joked I must be stuffing one of them into my backpack.
He was right, I wanted to take all of them home. 
They were so sweet and enjoyed every single second of attention they were given by us.
One little girl looked exactly like my niece, Bella. She was just a little bit older but her name was Gabbi. (my other niece's name!)
 Very strange.

We served food to the hungry. 
We sang karaoke with some amazing people one night in Skid Row.
We ate things I never wanted to try.
We prayed for the City every chance we got.
We affirmed each other while sitting on the beach watching the sun go down.
We stayed up late talking about all the cool things God had done in such a short time.

The Lord used this trip to stretch us, to stretch me.
Chang me.
Reveal His heart for His people to me.
God did so much and it was so, so good.
Can't wait to share more details... 


  1. I love hearing how God worked through you and in you! So glad your mission trip was an impactful one!

  2. Aw YAY!!! I love hearing about How God works in your life and others. What a blessing. Can't wait to hear more! love ya!

  3. Just reading this makes me miss my time there! I can't wait to read more!


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