Friday, July 26, 2013

Oh, babe.

Ever Read Camp Patton? She posts every once in a while about the things her husband says and does. it's called, Simon says.
Brilliant & hilarious.
Nathan is always saying things and then asking me, "are you going to blog that later?"

I am now babe, I am now.
After eating a huge dinner, 15 minutes later.
Nathan: I'm starving. Gets up to pour an overflowing bowl of cereal.
 Singing yet another made-up song.
Nathan: I love my wifey bear, she has some cutey hair, I see her over there. (while singing to a tune he made up)
Jess: Yup, that's going on the blog. 

While laughing hysterically at his iPad with headphones on.
Nathan: You're getting pranked this week. Oh, you're getting pranked bad.
Jess: I'll kill you.

While looking at a house online, I told Nathan it had a whole guest house in the back.
Nathan: We can put your mother back there.
Jess: laughing

Sitting on the couch every night, Nathan puts his feet close to me.
Nathan: Diabetes check?
Jess: (tickling his feet to make sure he can still feel it)

Driving to get some coffee yesterday morning
Jess: Looks like it rained last night.
Nathan: No, I just peed everywhere.

Swimming with some friends one night, I decided it would be a good idea to get on Nathan's shoulders for a chicken fight. Wrong-o.
Nathan: Chicken Belly flop!! (As he proceeds to throw me from his shoulders face down into the water)
Jess:  Death stare. 

While at a Student event, one of the jr. high girls is explaining to us how having a twin is sometimes a pain in the butt.
Nathan: Sometimes I have gas, and that's literally a pain in the butt.
Jess: Stop it, stop it right now.

And my personal favorite.. Whenever I do something he doesn't like or wants me to be quiet..
Nathan: Chhhhhhh,(sound ceaser makes) pokes me in the neck like Ceaser Milan does when dog training.
Jess: laughing.
Everyone else around: Also laughing.
*disclaimer, I actually don't know how this got started but we both do this to each other now.. it's become so popular that our friends have began doing this to their spouses. Sounds messed up, but it's really not ;)

That's all I have for now but I have decided to continue these until my husband kills me for putting this all over the blog until further notice.


  1. pahhhh .. diabetes check!! love it. You two are so cute :)

  2. HA! LOVE YOUR POST! so needed a good laugh tonight / thanks ;) by the way thank you for all your post I relate in so many ways! Its just so refreshing to read about things I struggle with and go through too! Your such a blessing in so many ways Jess! Praying for your house selling & buying situation . <3

  3. Giirl, this had me rolling!! I tried not to laugh loud because my hubby is sitting next to me sleeping.. But it was a struggle.. This sounds like fun. I'm always telling Leon he needs to start a youtube account maybe I'll do this instead. =D


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