Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oh, babe. {Part 2}

And now for another edition of  Oh, babe.
You can find Part 1 here.

When I wouldn't let him turn the car down a street that said "Don't Turn Here" He replied with
"But Baby boo bear bungle face.

When Katie gave me a cute little owl..
To the owl: "Your name is Latifa."
 Don't worry friends, he names all of the owls I get.. this one just happened to be the first of the female species.

While driving the other day I was scarfing down a delicious chaulupa from good ole Taco Bell. Nathan looks at me then swerves the car while screaming " Chaulpa check"..
I am almost lost my lunch and my patience.

While getting gas on our missions trip with a van full of students, he walks around the side and licks the window. Youth Pastor, much?

While also in the of the students said, Let's play a game, first person to fart wins..
Nathan: Then I already won.

When talking about how many bathroom breaks I had within the last couple of minutes because apparently I can't drink lemonade without almost peeing my pants..
Nathan said, You have a bladder like a platypus.

While discussing my age.. 
Jess: Babe, I am not old. 
Nathan: Says the gray hair you found. 
I was in complete and utter shock of this statement, mouth open and all. (true or not!)

While talking about how all of these things will be going on the blog.
Nathan: How can I pay you to not put those things on you blog?
Jess: You can't. It's happening.
(starring contest going on now)
Nathan: I don't want other people knowing this stuff about me, that was the benefit to you when you married me.
Jess: laughing.
Nathan: Fine, I'm not talking to you anymore.
That lasted all of 2 seconds. He loves me, what can I say.
Love you, PBNFH. 


  1. HAHA! Seriously, Our husbands are quite similar!

    One time I fell asleep in the car and as soon as I was relaxed in dream land Leon starts swerving the car and said "BABY WAKE UP!!" I wanted to hit him lol

  2. Ya....Joe licks windows...he learned it from Nate....yay.....


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