Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Influence Conference Bound..

I can't believe it's finally here. 
In less than 24 hours, I will be boarding a plane and flying all the way to Indianapolis for the Influence Conference.
When I tell people where I'm going I get these responses:
"I'm sorry, you're what? flying all the way there for a .. conference?"
"What do you do at a blogging conference? I mean, what's there to learn?"
Some are excited responses from my friends like,
"Aw, that's so fun! You love blogging and it will be so great for you!"
& my personal favorite:
 "blogging? that's weird."
I just smile because I know some people just don't get it and that's OK with me. 
I mean, I am flying pretty far to meet a bunch of girls I have never met and plan to share a room with two of them. I can see where this might be weird for some people. 
But can I just tell you how incredibly excited I am for this?!
I still can't believe I am actually going. Best.birthday.present.ever.
Although I am not an introvert, per say, I have never really done anything like this and it's taken a TON of late night, let's talk it outs, with the husband, to get me out of my comfort zone to do something like this. I mean, who wouldn't be a little fearful?
What if no one likes me?
What if I am awkward?
What if the metal detector goes off again because of a stupid hair tie?!
What if I forget something?
What if my clothes aren't cute?
& you know what? Who cares. About any of that. 
God is sending me (&YOU) to this conference. He made all of this work out & I know He has something great for me there so I refuse to let any fear have a place in my heart or mind over this. 
Who cares if my outfits aren't very "stylish?" I'm not a fashion blogger. I like to wear Vans & rolled up jeans with a cute T from Target. So what, that's just me. Do I think those stylish girls are seriously adorable? YES! My Blog Bff is the cutest with that stuff! But I don't have to be her.
So what if I'm awkward, I am awkward. & I kinda like that about me. 
If the metal detector does go off again, because of something stupid again, I promise to try my best not to burst into tears.. I mean that did happen 7 years ago I may have grown up a little.. Yes I was an adult then too. Don't judge me.
Who cares if I forget something, I'm sure my bestie/roomie will come to the rescue. If not, I'll go buy that something. 
And that lie that no-one will like me, just isn't true. For any of us going. I have already connected with tons of sweet girls that I cannot wait to hangout with. And if you're going, and you have some of these same fears.. even if I've never gone before, even if I have nothing to offer advice wise, come find me and we we will be friends! 
Put your fears to rest ladies, God has this all figured out! Really, truly, He does.
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  1. I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for you girl!!! Hopefully I'll get to meet you next year :)

  2. So exciting! Sounds like it will be so much fun! Praying for you to have a wonderful experience!! You are wonderful, so don't let fear get in the way - everyone will love you!

  3. ummm...Im missing you already birthday girl!!!!!

  4. Hope you had fun! I'd love to attend one of these some time.

  5. I love you. Come back to me. Lol. No, seriously! You live too far away. The end.


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