Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SO What Wednesday

Life After I Dew

SO What If:

I am flying 1691.5 miles to Indianapolis for the Influence Conference in just ONE week. I am giddy with excitement.
The last time I flew (which was once in my whole adult life) the metal detector went off, because of my hair tie, and I immediately started balling, haha. Funny now, not so much then. ;)
I have NO idea how I am going to "pack light" since I am carrying my bag on the plane with me. This is a new concept to me..

We close on our new home tomorrow and I haven't finished packing. Clearly I felt like this blog post was more important. 

Nathan and I must work in separate living areas indefinitely, lest we kill each other. We sleep together, work together, do ministry together, eat together, go out together, hang out with friends together...and frankly.. we need to do a little less together. True love, my friends.

Our AC decided to kick the bucket this afternoon. It's gonna make for a fun night. 
We watched the HGTV channel every.single.night. on our vacation. I have mad love for this show & I don't have cable at home!
 I stalked Carly's Instagram for her "Shop for Titus" event for a shirt that I just had to have. She is so precious and was having a sale to raise funds for their adoption- how could I ever resist!

I checked my email all day for a delivery confirmation on my business cards and then later realized.. oh duh.. they're actually in the mailbox. ps- they are CUTE! Nathan did such an amazing job.. and is also in the process of making me a new blog design! 

Happy, HAPPY Wednesday Friends!


  1. "We need to do a little less together" ha ha!
    I love my husband but I could not ever do that much together!

    I bet they have that show on the internet somewhere ;)

    Also, I can't wait to see your new blog design!

    1. Haha, ya .. I am sure they do.. maybe I should find it! ;)
      Thanks girl, I can't wait to see it either!


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