Wednesday, October 30, 2013


But seriously.
I do. 
My husband keeps asking me why we don't have a lot of fall decorations.
After all, it's our favorite time of year & we just LOVE Thanksgiving.
I want to respond because I'm too cheap & the one time I saw a whole
bucket-full of fall decor at that garage sale.. you wouldn't let me stop... ;)
But I typically just shrug it off and say, I don't know, we'll just have to decorate for Christmas.
Sorry honey, you probably knew the real truth anyways ;) 

Lately it's been kinda stressful around here. Just always so much going on..
So I am deciding to be thankful. 
For my wonderful husband.
For youth ministry. 
For our new home. 
& for all that comes with this season.
Have y'all seen ALL the pumpkin flavors you can get at the store? 
The pumpkin icecream has chunks of crust in it. I mean seriously.
Which brings me to my next point.. Fall is clearly a time to eat what you want.
Note the pumpkin pie I made just because I can.
That it's actually chilly enough in AZ to wear a scarf? I have been wanting to wear it every day since I got it from She Does Justice at the Influence conf but we were still up in the 90's. Now I live free in my scarves and boots.
My husband and I can get all crazy and dress up as batman and Robin batwoman..
& I can find sparkling cider in a 4-pack at Costco for less than 1 bottle costs the rest of the year.
It's beautiful here and we leave the windows and doors open all day.  
My cute husband lounges in the flannel pj pants I got him for Christmas last year.
There's pumpkins & turkey's and a cute little owl hanging outside our door announcing fall. 
& I am finally able to order a HOT apple cider from Starbucks. 
These things are worth celebrating. 

What are YOU thankful for friends?

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