Thursday, January 23, 2014

13 Week 'Bumpdate'

(I was lazy with the chalk this week.. last time Nathan did it haha
13 Weeks
Weight: I think I have finally gained back the weight that I had lost and maybe another pound. But my scale is always different than the doctors so we'll see!
Symptoms: Things have been much better in the nausea department! I went almost a full week feeling better then felt horrible one day and threw up my lunch. It's been off and on but I've definitely had relief. I have still needed to eat every two hours or I am starving! The unmotivated tired me is now also finally starting to wear off which is nice. I still get runny/bloody noses every day. Every other week I will break out pretty bad too so that's fun. I have also had some odd pains in the pelvic area which I guess is all due to my body growing and changing for baby and it's normal. I've been getting headaches more frequently. Oh, I've also been pretty moody with the hubs.. poor guy :)

Clothes: I'm still wearing maternity jeans and yoga pants because they feel so much better on my stomach when it's upset. I wear normal shirts mostly because I only have 2 maternity shirts & don't need them just yet.
Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty well. Still getting 9-10 hours at night. I wake up quite a bit to adjust my pregnancy pillow and I still use the bathroom twice a night. My hip pain has eased since starting to use my pillow which is the main reason I started using it so that has been nice.
Cravings/Aversions: I have had a couple of cravings, if you can call them that.. they just end up sounding better others options. There are still nights where nothing sounds good and I have to force myself to eat. I was really liking eggs until I threw them up the other day and now I can't eat them anymore.  It really surprises me that things I LOVED before pregnancy now don't sound good to me (like Starbucks, can you believe that?!) I am really starting to like water more! On the days I am still sick, it's hard to drink, but I have been forcing at least 50 ounces and 75 when I can. My goal is 100.
Baby- Baby is good! I was driving the other after I had gotten my FIRST decaf caramel macchiato (I'm telling you, it's just crazy) since finding out I was pregnant and I had taken a couple sips (mind you, I get it with a horrible amount of sugar) and I felt the baby move! I know y'all probably think I am crazy but it was the strangest, most exciting feeling ever! It was a little flutter and then it was gone. I came home with tears in my eyes when I ran inside to tell Nathan. It was the neatest thing. I know its rare, but you can feel baby at 13 weeks and I just know that I did! Best thing ever! :) Our next appointment is Feb 6, so I will be sure to update you then!
How I am feeling: A lot better! I think it's really incredible that I wrote last week that I would love to feel the baby move.. and then this week I did! God is so amazing you guys. He truly is so good to me.
How Daddy's feeling: "Lately I've been thinking about how I can be a better husband so I can be the best dad as well."
^^^ This Guy. I can't tell you how much I love him!
Other Stuff: Nathan painted the baby's room this week! The sweet little crib has been set up in there for a while and looks great with the wall color! I've definitely already began "nesting" and my husband has been such a trooper. We replaced almost all our door handles, painted the bathroom & baby's room & done a lot of misc. stuff around the house.. or should I say HE has. ;) We are looking forward to our next appointment and I will finally be far enough along to actually hear the baby's heartbeat this time!
I promise to share the post about the story God has given us leading up to this point soon! It's not exactly easy to get into words how amazing He is & I don't want to miss anything!
If you haven't yet, check out the first 12 weeks here!


  1. You look adorable! Love baby bump updates!

  2. You look great! I loved feeling those first movements. I felt them around 13 weeks too! So incredible!

  3. you look great chick. how does one follow you on blogger?


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