Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SO What Wednesday

It's Been FOREVER since I have done one of these.. but they're my favvvvvv. 

So What if:

I'm 39.5 weeks & still pregnant.. AND am irrational and absolutely convinced this child is staying in there forever.

I'm highly emotional and cry at e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. because #pregnancy

I finally gave into my donut craving and have had them almost every day. 

We also drove 30 miles out of our way just to get said Krispy Kreme donuts

I also ate 8 of the 12 by myself. 

I've washed the boppy cover 4x because it keeps getting put in places I think aren't clean. 

I also realized how stupid this was because it's going in our car, the hospital.. etc etc. 

I didn't think it through and had my last appointment on a Tuesday only to realize this appointment will be on a Friday! It's just so long to wait in between at this stage...

I changed my mind after yesterday's post and decided today I AM in fact ready for this little girl to make her appearance. These Braxton hicks are getting super annoying & with each one I find myself wishing they were painful contractions. 

Nothing helps with heartburn these days, I'll just start eating icecream for every meal. Specifically the cotton candy ice cream from Target that I found. That's right folks, go get yours today. (Not a paid advertisement, just a girl who loves cotton candy flavored anything ;)) 

Our new fridge wasn't able to be delivered until we will most likely be in the hospital.. At least we'll come home to a new fridge. Mom, could you be here to take care of that? ;)

We went to Target to try and walk this baby out and instead came home with stuff we didn't need. Shopping is my therapy. 

I'm seriously considering calling my Dr. to see if she has any earlier appointments this week. 

I'm super duper proud of myself for writing THREE blog posts this week. I honestly think it's been over a .. You're welcome. 

Happy Wednesday Friends! 😘 

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  1. Not long now before your little princess is here. Hope things continue to go well.


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