Tuesday, July 22, 2014

39 Week 'bumpdate'

 39 Weeks!
HUGE difference in 9 weeks! 

Weight: 37 lbs. and I've topped out. I didn't gain anything two appointments ago & last week I lost a pound, which is really normal at this stage of pregnancy. However, I decided to eat ALL the donuts I wanted this past week so we'll see what the scale says at my dr appt ;)

Symptoms: all.the.symptoms. Let's see.. Heartburn (thank you for waking me up at 1 am and again at 3 am last night!), Braxton hicks..which are weird.. those started happening not too long after my last appointment..they start out almost like my belly goes up into my lungs and I have to catch my breath but not because they hurt. More.. back cramps, menstrual like cramps, sometimes headaches, constipation (sorry), nausea every once in a while if I don't eat for a few hours, fatigue, shortness of breath, so emotional (thanks so much hormones), hot flashes. Oh, and I am hungry all the time!

Clothes: all the maternity clothes. and only the bigger ones.. because I be showing belly if I try to squeeze into earlier trimester clothes. 

Sleep: hahahahaha! Between waking up every 1.5 hours to go to the bathroom, heartburn, pregnancy insomnia, sleep is pretty non-existent this days. So I just lay and stare at Nathan.. hating that he is snoring next to me.. 

Cravings/Aversions: Hey guys, I LOVE donuts. And after being really careful with not over indulging myself, I just went ahead and said oh what the hay.. I don't think I can count how many I've had in the past week. I'll give them up when baby comes. maybe. I also love smoothies, we have probably 2 a day.. and I have rekindled my love with Rita's Ice.. so there's that. I can finally eat lots these days and be extremely hungry again within an hour or two!

Baby- Little one is good! Her heart rate is always about 140-150 and she is usually pretty happy at appointments. She is getting rather large and I feel her everywhere.. I'm going to go ahead and guess she'll be .. 8 + pounds.. but hey, I'm not a Dr. 

Dr Appointment: Been the same with blood pressure.. it's still about 130-135/80 when I go in.. and then as soon as I lie down, it goes right back down to about 118/75 ish.. I don't have any protein in my urine, swelling, and after getting labs done to be safe, everything looks perfectly normal. My Dr. calls my high blood pressure "artificial" so she's keeping an eye on me.. but since it always goes down & since we monitor it at home (Dr. Nathan, y'all) and it's perfectly normal (except after that one trip to Costco but who can blame me) she's not too concerned. Alright so UPDATE on appointments. Yes, she started 'checking' me 3 weeks ago. The first one.. pretty much nothing. Second, a WHOLE centimeter and she was really low and Dr could feel her head! Third, TWO centimeters, 50% effaced and something about my water bulging..oh and she was pretty low and Dr could still feel the head... And TMI so STOP reading if you don't wanna hear it but I really want to remember this stuff! After my 2nd appointment I lost my..plug. Been 2 weeks tho.. so that clearly meant nothing. At my 37 week appointment  she stripped my membranes without me even knowing she was going to.. which irritated me because I didn't want her to until at least 38 weeks.. but I am OK now because baby girl stayed in. She did the same last week and I am assuming she will again if I make it to my appointment this Friday. Where I will be 39 weeks 5 days!! These appointments get my hopes up... then nothing happens. . 

Movement: Pretty much consistent with what she has been doing all along. Has her little patterns and awake times. Still is pretty active around 7ish and when I wake up in the morning from insomnia around 5am or 6am.. She moves a little different now that she is taking up so much room.. just less strong as I don't think she is able to really KICK me hard anymore but she rolls around and switches sides.. She moves her little feet a lot and rolls them across my belly. Her bum is straight up by my lungs and if I push on her she'll usually let me know she doesn't appreciate that ;)

How I am feeling: For real, I am feeling pretty good. Yes, I have all the annoying symptoms but I really am OK. I was always feeling like she would come late so I was OK with that until a couple weeks ago people started commenting that I look "done" or "wow I bet you want that baby out" "or don't lie, I know you just have to be miserable.." so for about a week.. I decided they were right. And I was on.. "operation, let's get this baby out"... but now.. I am just fine with her waiting. Even if it were for 2 more weeks.. I LOVE having her safe and happy in my tummy. I love feeling her move around and I love that I get more time with Nathan. There's no going back after this folks and I am fine with her being in there as long as she is OK. Yes, I want to see her. Sometimes the feeling is so overwhelming I cry because I want to see her sweet little face and snuggle her all the time. But right now, I still get to carry her and bond with her while she rolls around in my tummy and I am perfectly content with that. So no, I am not "done" yet. I feel joy with it and honestly still cannot believe she has been in there for 39 weeks! I've had a burst of energy this past week so I'm really liking that! 

How daddy's feeling: "I feel like a little kid waiting for christmas morning… I want to meet my little one."

Random: A LOT has gone on since my last update! I had another shower that my mama and sister through for me and it was perfect! I am SO thankful for everyone's generosity and love towards us and our little girl! I'm completely packed and so is baby girls stuff for the hospital. I have everything for baby girl done and we have even set up her co-spleeper. We chose this one if you're interested (more on that another time.) My Spotify play list, an ipod player and of course the camera are chillin' out next to my bag. Since I have had the urge to nest, all of her cloth diapers are washed, stuffed and ready to go! They're so darn cute I can't wait to put her in them! (more on that later too!) Her nursery has been ready for some time now and everything has been washed, prepped, put away etc. Every thing has been set up, ie, her bouncer, stroller, sheets on bed, clothes put away and all washed, headbands in their place, closet organized, etc ..and has been for a while. Her car seat is in the car and ready along with a mirror so we can see her! We actually took the car seat to the fire dept just to make sure we were installing it correctly. He had some great tips and there were a couple of things I didn't even know you could do to get a car seat in! I guess stuff I would just consider 'against the rules' but it turns out the highway safety or something recommends and allows certain things. I printed out our 'Birth wishes' and they are in my bag.. yes, I am THAT person but I have done a LOT of research to prepare and I just don't want decisions to be made for us without me knowing anything. Yes, I am OK with things changing and I know you cannot have everything you want usually, but I trust in a BIG God and I know He has everything handled with the birth. They are things we have been specifically praying about since finding out about our daughter and we know God is in control and will be with us every second. 

Other Stuff:  So.. I won't go swimming because I have an irrational fear that my water will break while I'm in there and I won't know it..  so there's that. I have also been squeezing in every single minute I can alone with my husband. We pretty much don't do anything except hang out together and eat. A lot. of donuts. We've been having random breakfast and lunch dates and trips to Lowes for stuff like a new fridge. We've been walking a lot to help move the baby down and most nights we're sitting on the couch playing Lego Indiana Jones on the Wii together! I'm seriously loving every minute of it!

Last thing: Would love all of your prayers as we enter into a part of our lives we know nothing could possibly prepare us for! We just ask that you would be praying for our family of three, that the Lord would be guiding us and teaching us to be the best parents possible for our girl. For the birth and after, nursing & just settling into our lives together. Thank you so so much and we can't wait to share the big news with you! 

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  1. Go you with that weight gain! I have never been able to stay under 40 pounds! And usually I gain between 50 and 60. Yikes. But I think a lot of it is water because I usually swell so much. My husband lovingly refers to my feet as Shrek feet. And I totally know what you mean about getting your hopes up with the appointments! I was the same way with Isaac. They kept telling me he'd probably be late since he was my first but then they'd check and there would be progress and so I'd get excited, but then all week... nothing. So with Eli and Stella both I decided to not get checked, not even during labor. For me it just took away all the anxiety and the expectation of what would happen when. Most people think I'm nuts, but it totally works. Instead it's easier for me to just let my body do what it's going to do when without hoping one way or another.

    You and that baby girl are in my prayers constantly. Can't wait for her to get here. You're going to love being a momma!!

  2. You're so cute!
    I remember when I was pregnant with Braden I was so ready for him to come!
    Actually I was always ready to be done with pregnancy! I just get so uncomfortable!
    Anyways, we went to the hospital thinking I was in labor with him and then got sent home.
    I flat out cried. I wanted to be done and I wanted my baby!
    So awesome that you haven't gained that much! Seriously, you might lose most of that when you have her!
    I'm praying you guys!
    Also, donuts sound good! =)


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