Thursday, February 27, 2014

18 week 'Bump date'

Hi friends! Sorry I missed week 17! I think I may have to stick to every other week .. We'll see how I feel ;)

Weight: According to my scale at home I'm up 8 pounds which is right where I should be at this point. But don't let that fool you.. This belly is huge ;) 
Symptoms: Round ligament pains have definitely happened even more these last couple weeks which I'm not sure I thought was possible and sometimes I will just have random cramps. I have still been hungry all the time too. I can't seem to get full!

Clothes: Maternity clothes are my friend! I got some really cute dresses from Old Navy & one for the gender reveal party we had and they're soo comfy. I'm sure I'll live in those this summer. 
Sleep: I certainly like my sleep. Still sleeping 8-9 hours a night but also still waking up a couple times to use the restroom & just lying there for about an hour most nights.  
Cravings/Aversions: Samoa cookies. But to be fair, I would want them pregnant or not. I also have been loving burgers again which I couldn't stomach for quite a while. 
Baby- Our sweet little GIRL is doing great! We had our anatomy ultrasound Thursday & she said everything looked good! She gave us a ton of cute photos and baby had her little feet up by her head most of the time. We loved seeing how big she has gotten and all the neat things they show you during the scan. Her heart was beating at 150 and we got to hear it which is always fun! She is measuring one day behind my due date which is awesome! (We weren't sure in the beginning about exact last period date so this makes perfect sense!) We pray for our sweet baby every night together and are just so thankful that she is doing so good and know it's truly a blessing from The Lord. She was definitely smiling on the ultrasound and I know it's because we specifically pray that she will be happy and know she's loved :) 

Movement: Baby girl has moved so much more over the last couple weeks. She moves enough for Nathan to sometimes feel her and it's really cute seeing his face light up. It's definitely becoming much more obvious when she's kicking. Nathan would put his ear to my belly and hear her moving around a bit so I decided I would buy a stethoscope so I could hear too! I got it after one day (thanks amazon prime!) and I can definitely hear her in there! You can tell the difference between her moving and my tummy growling which I wasn't sure about but it's definitely noticeable when it's her! 
How I am feeling: I've been feeling so great! I have definitely begun the honeymoon stage, that I swore would never come! I have so much more energy and I love shopping for our baby girl. Nathan says I definitely have the "glow" now and I totally agree. I am LOVING this stage of pregnancy & just am so so happy. God has certainly given me more than I could ever think or ask and I am so so grateful. It's funny because I feel like we have found everything out and now it's just a waiting game. We probably won't have any more ultrasounds (Except the 4D we are planning with family!) so now we can just focus on preparing for her. 
How Daddy's feeling: "SUPER EXCITED to be a daddy! Also I have an overwhelming desire to see her fall in love with Jesus!"
Other Stuff: We had our gender reveal party last week and it was SO much fun. Everything turned out awesome and I can't thank my husband and mom enough for everything they did! I can't wait to share all the pictures of the party! 
Here's a cute picture of Nathan and one of our Pups and also one he got of my sweet "little" bump!

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