Thursday, February 13, 2014

16 Week 'Bumpdate'

16 Weeks
(My sweet husband went craaazzzy with the chalkboard this week.)

Weight: Same since my last appointment last Thursday I think. My scale at home is much different so we'll see.
Symptoms: This past week I had an apple, apple juice & some pineapple and an hour later I was in the bathroom throwing up. It's been so long since this has happened that it took me by surprise but it only happened once. I have been feeling a little nauseous and tired this week again but it's nothing like it was before. Other than that I have had a runny nose, some headaches more frequently, hip pain while sleeping and sore boobs again. I have been hungry all the time too. I can't seem to get full!

Clothes: Unless I'm home, I tend to rock all the cute maternity pants/shirts I can. My sweet friend who now has a 4 month old, gave me her maternity stuff and I wear it as much as possible to show off the bump ;)
Sleep: It's been OK. I've noticed I have been waking up at 3-4am and I can't go back to sleep for at least an hour. I'm also up twice a night to use the restroom because of how much water I drink but I was the same before I was pregnant.
Cravings/Aversions: I really love anything salty.. Lately I've enjoyed "seafood" salad with some crackers, a once a week tuna sandwich, and pickles. Occasionally I will want some candy or a doughnut but I'm pretty happy with salty foods.
Baby- Is the size of an avocado! Roughly 4.5 inches long & 3.5 ounces. Little one can hear my voice now and can taste what I eat! Nathan has been talking our little bear since he knows the baby can hear him now :) Also, look at that belly! I think it had a major growth spurt despite weighing the same! Also the little one has been moving a lot and I love that! It's normally at night or in the early mornings and I love that it's just a reminder that I am growing a sweet baby! 
How I am feeling: Pretty good! Ready for that big burst of energy and the "honeymoon" stage I hear you all talk about ;) I am just so thankful to be pregnant though. In the wee hours of the night that I am awake, I can feel the baby move a lot and I just sit and pray for my sweet little one. Pregnancy has been teaching me a lot and I am just so overjoyed that God is allowing me to carry a child.
How Daddy's feeling: "feeling spunky! Ready to be a daddy!!!!
 (yes he actually said that, including all the ! marks)
Other Stuff: The party is coming together really great! With Nathan's help I FINALLY found how I wanted to do the "reveal" part and I am so excited about it. It took a while to make it work, but I think we found something perfect. Can't wait to show you all :) So so excited and now it's only 1.5 weeks away!
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The dogs totally posed for this picture! too cute/funny not to share. 

I made Nathan jump in on this one with me. He's so darn cute.


  1. awesome. so how much longer before we know what you're having. and I love the pic of the dogs. too cute. esp if they did that on their own. what are the chances of that.

  2. You look so cute! Love the chalkboard!


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