Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week 30 'Bumpdate!'

30 Weeks! 
(That's my, "I just woke up, from barely sleeping, let's get a picture," look)

Weight: 26lbs. 

Symptoms: SO exhausted! Which explains the lack of posts! This week it has really hit me and I want to nap, all day long, desperately. I really do not know how pregnant woman work on their feet all day.. y'all are amazing. Speaking of exhaustion.. this could partly be due to the new found pregnancy insomnia I have been experiencing. I don't know how I have never mentioned this is previous posts but I also get horrible breakouts and have since the beginning thanks to hormones. Nothing really helps and I don't like to use anything that isn't natural so I just look like a teenager! My legs have been hurting if I do too much and I had another horrible charlie horse after waking up the other day. My hips still hurt at night if I am on one side for too long. I also am just generally achey-ish.. My tummy is tight a lot and I unfortunately still deal with constipation although it's definitely not as bad. I have noticed a tiny bit of swelling but nothing too bad. I have also been getting little snippets of morning sickness again. There have been a couple of days I felt so nauseous, I had to just go lay down. I'm back to trying to eat every 2 hours again so that this won't happen. 

Clothes: Well.. most of my pregnancy shorts have gotten too small. They feel too tight to wear so I have been wearing as many dresses/skirts as possible. They say to order your pre-pregnancy size.. but I have grown in more than just my belly.. so I just don't see how that can be true! So I ordered some more (bigger sizes) with a gift card I had to Old Navy just to get me through the next 3 months. I ordered a dress there early on that was a small (and was rather big on me!) and it's now too tight. My belly is certainly not the only thing that grew... I think my hips and thighs have doubled. ;)

Sleep: Pregnancy Insomnia is NO joke. I usually wake up at 4 or 5 am and cannot go back to sleep. Sometimes earlier. No matter how tired I am .. it's just not happening. I always thought I might just bypass this.. but I didn't get so lucky ;) That mixed with the ridiculous amount of times I still get up to use the bathroom.. I don't get much good sleep. 
Cravings/Aversions: I still love me some chocolate. I am soooo glad my 3-hour glucose test was OK because I just could not fathom giving up my beloved sweets! I love burgers lately and have been REALLY hungry. The fullness I had in the second-trimester was enough to make me have small bites of something and be done, but it's been better lately and I feel very hungry. Oh, and I love Starbucks again.. which is terrible and I MAKE myself limit it because of how expensive it. I do get decaf most of the time but I just love the taste.  I HATE prune juice. The thought of it actually makes me want to vomit but I do drink it sometimes.. when necessary.. 

Baby- Our girl is doing good. Heart rate has been in the 140's. She's growing like crazy and according to my app, she is the size of a cucumber at 16 inches and could be 3+ pounds!!

Dr Appointment:  Went back in for the 3-hour glucose test.. and passed! Yay! My fasting was really good and so were the other three so everything was good! Baby Girl's heartbeat was in the 140's this week and and had been active right before my appointment. I am really enjoying this every 2 weeks thing.. Feels like I don't have to wait as long to ask all my crazy questions :) 

Movement: She still has specific times during the day where she will move. Normally, right when I get up, she is the most active. If I have a really sweet drink, she will also be moving like crazy but other than that, she seems to be a very chill baby. Some of my friends will tell me their baby moves all day long and that has just never been the case with her. It makes me a little sad (and sometimes worried!) but she is moving in all the amounts she should and is very healthy so.. I guess I just don't have a very active baby! That and I know because of the location of my placenta, I have to pay more attention to her movements because I can't feel them as strong.. especially since I am almost positive she moved positions and I think she is right behind it now. I used to feel her on the sides but she must have moved head down because I only feel her low or up in my ribs now. I have been feeling hiccups like crazy finally! I always thought maybe she just didn't have them but she certainly does! The other day she had them 3 times in one day and has had them at least once a day since I began feeling them. It's pretty cute! 
How I am feeling: Feeling ...tired haha. I have been wanting to see her more and more and have been imagining her in my tummy whenever she kicks. It's just becoming so real that we will have her with us in 10 weeks (give or take!) 30 weeks seemed so far away to me and now it feels like such a big number! With that has definitely come more anxiety! I know my hormones definitely play a role in this and I am so, so grateful for having been equipped with how to deal with anxiety a while before I was ever pregnant. Also having the most understanding husband who is always reassuring me & speaking truth to me doesn't hurt! ;)
I am also feeling excited to see her sweet little face. I have had dreams of nursing her and bonding and I am so looking forward to that time with her. It should also be said.. I had a dream I had triplets. Ha..  


Random: We have a 4-D ultrasound coming up this Friday! We scheduled this a while ago because we wanted to give our family the opportunity to come with us and be a part of one. I really hope she shows us her sweet little face! I cannot wait to see which one of us she looks more like and which features she has! I will also get to see how she is positioned!  We had our very first Baby class last night on breastfeeding. We really liked our instructor and it was good to hear all the information. Although I have done a ton of research on it, it was so helpful to see (with props of course) some really great ways to nurse your baby. 

Other Stuff:  Nathan & I leave Saturday for a mini-stayca/babymoon & I am SO excited. It is our absolute favorite thing to just hang out with each other by a pool somewhere. I am soaking up every last minute alone with him! This past weekend, my aunt took me for a spa day and we had so much fun! I have been desperately trying to think of something to get my mama for all she's been doing for us (and always has!) and Mother's Day of course.. and after this past weekend, I knew something like that would be the perfect gift & a way to spend time with her so we have that all set for June! Next week we have our maternity pictures! Then in 2 weeks we leave for Youth Camp.. I am just praying I can't get through the weekend (and all the walking!) and looking forward to cooler weather! Everything seems to be happening so fast!

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  1. You are so adorable!! for the breakouts and something natural you can maybe try is mixing organic lemon juice and pure sugar and make like a lil facial.

  2. awww that's got to be a special event. 4D ultra sound and its amazing how sweet they look. Hope she cooperates. and I know you're ready to see her and have her in your arms.


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