Friday, June 20, 2014

34 weeks 'Bumpdate'

Weight: 35lbs. Ya ya, I'm fine with it. And healthy so please, no unsolicited comments ;) 

Symptoms: Exhaustion! I would like to sleep all the time please! Heartburn like WOAH. random cramping and acheyness in my belly & lower still. Acne, thank you hormones. We went to camp last week and I walked everywhere.. needless to say I got pretty swollen in my feet but now that I have been home, they've looked pretty normal. Stretch marks are literally everywhere except my belly! How weird is that! 

Clothes: Maternity. All. It's so hot I usually can't even handle a maxi dress/skirt. 

Sleep: I've actually been sleeping a little better. Pregnancy insomnia hasn't been terrible anymore unless I am anxious about something and cannot sleep. I've just been so tired that I will get what I can. Nonetheless, I still use the restroom at lease 4x a night. 
Cravings/Aversions: Trail mix, pop tarts and Mexican food. I still love pineapple and Starbucks. I have noticed I am starting to dislike certain foods again.. just things that sound gross to me but I can't really recall what they are.. 

Baby- Little love is good. We got to see her on an ultrasound to check her size and she is in the 59th percentile measuring 5.25 lbs. Dr was very happy with this and said she thinks she will be about 7.5 - 8 lbs which I am perfectly fine with. She also showed us her sweet little face & I think she looks JUST like her daddy. He disagrees but I'm telling you.. that is his daughter! ;) OH! And she was head down this time.. a couple weeks ago she was breech.. so that's good! Let's hope she stays put. 

Dr Appointment:  I've had a couple since I last updated this.. everything is pretty normal.. This week my Blood Pressure was  little high when I went in so she had me lie down and check it again. Within a couple minutes.. it had already gone down to perfect so they weren't concerned. 

Movement: Hiccups at least once a day now! Moving during her usual patterns. Noticed one of her big times is around 7:30 at night and when I wake up to use the restroom, she is almost always up with me but not always. She loves her daddy's voice and will typically move around when he reads to her or talks to my belly. She also will poke back if I push on her.. again.. not always and I have a feeling we may have a stubborn little girl on our hands.  I honestly have NO idea how people can tell what body part is moving or where their babies are positioned. This may be different for me since I have an anterior placenta blocking a lot of what she does in there.. but I just never have understood that.. Also her movements are strong.. and they don't always feel good! Sometimes she'll be in a certain spot a while and it feels sore. Other times she will move and cause a shooting pain in certain areas.. so that's fun! 

How I am feeling: Feeling pretty good for the most part. I have aches and pains more now and I am feeling pretty anxious of the unknown. People keep asking me if I'm "ready" and the answer is still "not really." I would love to meet my little girl but I still don't feel "done." I feel like I have too much to do and I want her to stay in there as long as she needs until she is ready. I know The Lord has the perfect time in mind and that's good enough for me!

How daddy's feeling: "I'm real excited to meet her! There have been few things in life I've looked forward to .. Marriage was one of them and having a baby is another. Really looking forward to seeing this little one." 

Random: Baby Shower numero uno was this past weekend! It was so so amazing. April, Kecia.. you are really the best! I am so thankful for all the awesome gifts we got for baby girl! It truly is overwhelming how many people already love our little girl! 
Birthing classes have been ... fun... Our first class.. our very old instructor told us we wouldn't need our mats because she felt the floor was too dirty.. so we don't get to do any of the exercises which we were both bummed about. I also have never been afraid of birth until watching some of the videos. Scared of being a good mom? Yes. But never the labor.. and now I can say that thoroughly has me worried now. I'm not afraid of the pain.. just complications & such. Either way, I keep praying and I know the Lord has already prepared her birth long before she was ever in my tummy! 

Other Stuff:  Been getting every spare minute alone with Nathan as I can. If we have nights with nothing planned, I am so thankful. I just want to stare at him.. creepy? Yes. That's fine.. I love my husband and as excited as I am to see our little girl, I know we will never get this time back with just us. 

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  1. You're adorable!! I gained 25 with my son and 48 with my daughter... Girls will do that! Haha

  2. This is so cute!! You look great girl!! :)


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