Thursday, April 10, 2014

24 Weeks 'Bumpdate'

Weight: Oh who knows anymore.

Symptoms: I cry. at a lot of things. Been having more hip pain from sleeping too long on my sides to the point where it's sore when I am up and moving around. So thankful I haven't had any more leg cramps... this week. Last night we were in the car and I sneezed.. horrible round ligament pain. Constipation still even with my added glasses of gross prune juice. I think that little line on my belly is starting to appear.. (the Linea Nigra line). Extreme memory loss ha! I have total pregnancy brain about everything! Nathan will be like, babe.. we just talked about this 10 minutes ago.. did you forget? Yup, I did. Also, I am definitely slowing down. I long for bed earlier again & crave naps during the day even though I can't have them...

Clothes: I wear the same clothes every week already and now that we are officially in 'Summer' here in AZ, I've lost all of my cold weather clothing! Loving my maternity shirt pictured above that my sweet hubby got me. So comfy and lots of room. 

Sleep: Sleep is still the same.. Hip pain and going to the restroom 4x a night. But other than that, I am still sleeping well. Our bed is pretty high off the ground and I told Nathan he will need to adjust it soon because I don't think I'll be able to get in and out of it much longer.
Cravings/Aversions: Banana bread still! So I made another loaf.. last one did NOT turn out how I was hoping but this one was oh so delicious. I also have been loving fruit & pasta.. give me all the carbs. Love me some rocky road ice cream lately and also I have really been craving those little glazed doughnut holes.. but I have resisted. for now. 

Baby- Sweet girl is good. Always bouncing around letting me know she's happy :) 
Movement: Moving lots. Some days a lot more than others .. we're still in that stage.. so it's usually every other day that she's going crazy. Yesterday she was moving a lot but not in big moves but then today, she went crazy while Daddy had his hand on my tummy. She rolled while his hand was there and he quickly jerked it away saying it was the weirdest yet coolest thing ever. She definitely has days where she is more active than others which I know is normal and part of her "routine." I find myself pushing on her if I really want to get her moving so I can "check" on her :) 
How I am feeling: I am doing pretty good :)  I noticed these last couple weeks, whenever I see/hold a baby.. I long to be holding my little girl. I have been pretty emotional lately just thinking about what she'll look like and what her little personality will be like. I can't wait to meet her and snuggle her and give her a million kisses! Also, I can't believe I am already SIX months pregnant! I cherish this time so, so much & as badly as I want to meet her, I know I will miss this time and being able to have the special bond of her moving in my tummy and me being her protection from the outside world! I'm looking forward to having bi-weekly appointments to hear baby's heart beat!

How Daddy's feeling: "Daddy is starting to feel like a daddy. Seeing everyone as a daughter or son. And looking forward to that moment I can look my little girl in the eyes and tell her I love her."

Other Stuff: We registered! I was SO exhausted when we were done. I also had a semi-meltdown in the store and snapped at Nathan (poor guy!) I was so tired and overwhelmed with all the "stuff" there is! I know about babies because of my nieces and the fact that I was a nanny for close to 10 years but when we were there, it just hit me.. what is all this stuff, what does my baby need, am I going to be able to figure this out?! I text my sister when we were done & said, ok listen, can't I just give her the boob and call it a day?! Luckily she responded with Yes, that's all she really needs. My sister loves me & knows when I am having pregnancy freak out. But it's still true, all she needs is a mommy and daddy who love her very much and will figure it out as they go. The Lord will lead us to be the best parents we can be for our little girl and that in and of itself is enough reassurance for me!!

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  1. You look great, Jess! So happy for you and keeping you and Nathan in my thoughts. I can't believe it's been 6 months already! Gosh!


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