Friday, March 14, 2014

19 & 20 Week 'Bumpdate'

20 weeks!- Belly is definitely filling out! 

Weight: After my weigh in at the Doctors I am up 10 pounds since the very first time I weighed in. Apparently 7 of those pounds happened in the last month so my Dr. told me to slow down a bit with desserts. This was after I wouldn't answer her when she asked what my dessert eating habits were ;)
Symptoms: Leg cramps and random, consistent cramping still. Dr said either from holding bladder too long, dehydrated, or just growing because there is no other concern with it. I was drinking 75 ounces, (which is still a lot of water!) a day and she said I might as well up it to a full gallon which I started. This has helped tremendously! I haven't had them week 20 like week 19! I have been a little more emotional and crying over things like not being able to return something at Kohls, ha ha! I also get really emotional with our students lately about some of them graduating or when talking to them about the things they're going through.

Clothes: All maternity with the exception of some leggings and random long shirts. Even with a belly band, old jeans are not comfortable. I actually don't care for the band too much anyways.. it always rides up.. Besides that.. My mom has been wonderful and ordered me some maternity shorts for the summer! My sweet hubby also picked out 2 maternity shirts and got them for me! :)

Dr. Appt: We found out from our anatomy scan that my placenta is anterior. All this means is it might be a little harder for me to feel baby but I have been feeling her since 13 weeks. It just seems to be pretty sporadic .. I can go a day or two without feeling much but then get kicked a bunch :) Dr said Ultrasound was great though so we will just do another at 36 weeks, if everything stays good, to see how big she is. Got a breast pump prescription which I think is cool! Baby's heartbeat was 152.. it's always been above 150. 
Sleep: I still love sleeping but have been ok with just 8 hours and can stand to stay up a little later some nights. Since my increase in water.. I literally go to the bathroom 6 times a night if not more. It's bad. I still wake up with hip pain some nights and have a rough time falling back asleep but it's been pretty good.
Cravings/Aversions: Cravings: Grilled cheese sandwiches, brownies, laffy taffys and burgers. Apparently I like bad food. I haven't had many aversions lately which is awesome! But I have noticed I don't like things that I used to love.. like Starbucks or Bean & Cheese Burros. I've also noticed if I still don't eat every 2 to 3 hours, I get pretty nauseous until I've eaten. After what my dr said, I have been good about only allowing myself 300 extra calories a day.. but its stressing me out to calculate it. To be honest.. If I made "healthier choices" I wouldn't need to count anything.. but I have a rough time resisting a cookie (or butterfinger, or brownie) once a day... 
Baby- Baby is doing good! As I said, our anatomy scan went great and she is growing perfectly. She now measures from feet to top of head when in the past she was measured from rump to head. She's the size of a banana and weighs about 10.6 ounces.

Movement: Like I said above, I still feel baby move sporadically but it's definitely gotten stronger and more frequent this past week. In the past couple days, I have felt her move at least once a day and it's usually a series of kicks in a matter of 5-10 minutes. Those thumps are very noticeable and she'll keep it up for a little while. I've noticed she moves most when I am sitting on my couch and working. Usually in the morning around 9ish and again in the afternoon. I did get a few thumps the other day while driving, although that could have been due to her knowing I was headed to Chipolte and she was excited about it ;) 
How I am feeling: Great! Been praying for our sweet girl a lot these past couple weeks and writing in my journal about her. I've loved being able to shop for her and go a little crazy with new clothes ;) I've noticed my belly is growing 'up' a little more these past weeks as opposed to 'out.' I love this stage of pregnancy & just feeling good. My bump is just a bump right now & since I'm not huge yet, I kinda love it :) BIG week this week too as I hit another milestone in pregnancy and am now half way done! Really amazing & it's definitely put me into 'go mode'!
How Daddy's feeling: "I haven't been thinking about her as much this week as I have been thinking a lot about you. Ive been praying for you a lot because I think you and I are more important even then our little baby."
 (um. hi. I love him! ^^^)

Other Stuff: We have been given SO much great stuff from my sister. It's been crazy sorting through all her baby clothes.. seeing them just makes me want to put our girl in them and hold her! Nathan is planning on painting one of the walls in the bedroom this week & I want to start shopping for her decor. I am really excited to be in the happy stage and getting things done! :) 

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