Friday, July 10, 2015

Elle's Nursery

In honor of Elle turning ONE (I'm crying) this month.. I figured it was about time I shared her nursery with you all. better late than never?

Honestly, it did't take me long to decide what we were going to do with her room. It went like this:
Me: Hey babe, here is what I found and want you to do with E's room (showing him my Pinterest pin)
Babe: Alright. 
See, done.

I decided on adding the blue for a pop of color and we went from there. 

We LOVE the hutch we found. Really neat, my sister had the exact same one for her girls when they were small & I really wanted it but she had sold it years ago (I guess she was getting pretty impatient thinking we weren't having kids, wink.) Anyways, we were visiting our home town one weekend and found this gem at a consignment store. I could not believe it! Even better? It was a STEAL. 

We had to get creative with the gold triangles on the wall because we really wanted the gold metallic look, not yellow. N's mom suggested the craft paint that comes in a tube (genius!) and it worked like a charm! 

Her crib we got from Pottery Barn, for FREE. Long story short, we were given one (thanks sis!) that had a broken piece. Upon calling them, we learned they don't give new pieces.. they give new cribs..for free. score. Best customer service EVER.  

Everything blue you see (chair, rug, monogram E)- Pottery Barn. (also free, thanks to some gift cards we received from work)
'Baby Things' basket- Michaels (Thanks Sally!)
Rocking chair (Gifted from my sister)
Curtains (Target)
Painted wall letters (Gifted from Nathan's sister)
'Elle' frame (gifted from our amazing friend Tiffany)
Sheets (my mom made these + 2 more sets!)
Tassel (made by our amazing friend April)
Peters the Deer (Amazon)
Owl (Kohls) 
Hamper (Baby's R us, gift from Kelly!)
Photos by the amazingly talented Amy Leah 


  1. Jess, this is just adorable. Our kids rooms still aren't done... it just costs so much money plus they do things like take chap stick to the wall or yank wallpaper off, so I'm not brave enough to even try! Also, that crib for FREE! That's amazing! Love the new design too - super cute!

  2. So, so, SO stinkin' adorable! I still can't believe you're a momma sometimes. :) Have just loved following your journey!!! Hope you guys are doing well + enjoying summer!

  3. I love this crib!! I didn't realize you got it for free either .. even better :)


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